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Author: falcon
Date posted: Tuesday 11 May 2010
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Flight of the Conchords

Greetings, you may not have heard of the program Flight of the Conchords as it appears to only be on BBC 4, I watched the two series on DVD. It is about two clueless New Zealanders called Jemaine and Bret, who came to America to make it as a band named the Flight of the Conchords with their awful and worst manager about Murray. The two get into awkward situations with supporting characters such as Mel, their only fan and a stalker and Dave, an Indian who lives with his family and runs a pawn shop. It also has some catchy music in it even though the songs are supposed to be a joke. Unfortunately the duo are not making a third series but they are touring. I would encourage anyone to watch it, I reward this TV program with the Super duper Fantastic 100% the best title, only Bioshock and Jade Empire have won this reward for games. FRA episode five second series is up in the Warehouse.



Special effects=10/10

Over all=10/10

Quote of the day

Is that like medieval text speak? They never put the whole thing in. 'We've invaded Britain. LOL

Phill Jupitus



Written on Tuesday 11 May 2010 by falcon

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Great series, loved it all. Gonna miss it :(

[X] || [BAN] || Posted 15 year(s) ago

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