The Apocalypse, thoughts on the release

It’s been two weeks since The Apocalypse released, which is enough time to summarise my initial thoughts on how the release went.

I would like to do a detailed post-release analysis, like I did for Dissolution, but for now I just want to give my initial thoughts.

The mod has ~680 downloads on ModDB at the time of writing. This is slightly less than Lunar Descent achieved in a similar timeframe, but there is still a trickle of downloads so I expect we will reach 1,000 or so by the end of the year.

This is about what I expected in terms of downloads. Back in 2011, Dissolution amassed several thousand downloads within a few days. But times have changed, and HL2 mods – except the really big ones, like Underhell – don’t get the attention they once did. This fact disappointed me when I released Lunar Descent, but I was prepared this time and am quite happy to have at least maintained a decent download count.

I also hope to be able to give it a bit of a boost with the release of a post release teaser video (videos generate a lot of traffic to the profile) and the posting of the full post-mortem. I am toying with the idea of releasing a small “expansion pack” (a small bonus campaign, say), which would further boost the mod’s profile, but I am as yet undecided on this.

The reception has been excellent. The feedback posted on ModDB has been very positive. The elements I wanted to emphasise the most – atmosphere, story and sense of place – all seem to have gone down well. There have been a few videos of people playing the mod posted which is nice to see. Some people have found it scary, lots enjoyed the inventory-system based puzzles and a few fans of my previous mods enjoyed digging into the ‘lore’ of the universe. All good to hear.

Overall, I would say the release has been a success. The mod has, I think, proven itself worth the 2 years of time invested in it, and I think it will continue to find new players over the years. Indeed, there is currently a Russian translation in the works, so the mod may be about to find a whole host of new players.

Written by Aaron, Tuesday 29 March 2022

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