The Apocalypse – Summer 2021 Update

I originally planned to write a short story or novella for release this summer on Write Wise. However, after careful consideration, I've decided it would be better for the entirety of summer to be wholly focused on The Apocalypse, my upcoming mod.

Progress is good.

I've hired a music composer and, already, the majority of the original soundtrack – which mostly consists of ambient horror tracks – is complete and ingame.

I've also continued to make steady progress on the mod's levels. There's still some distance to go in this respect, however. The levels in Apocalypse are some of the biggest and most intricate I've ever developed, and art passes – the stage where plain, boxy rooms are transformed into semi-realistic spaces with the aid of lighting, textures and 3d models – are proving to be extremely time consuming. For instance, it took me over three months to complete the art pass of just one of the levels in Apocalypse.

Why are art passes taking so long? At least some of it can be pinned on increased expectations. I'm demanding more of myself in terms of art asset quality than I was in, say, Dissolution. This extra quality (and quantity!) naturally adds to the development time.

While I am not sticking to any deadlines at the moment, preferring to keep the project a hobby rather than a commitment, I am hoping the mod will release Q4 of this year or Q1 of next. But ... time will tell!

Written by Aaron, Monday 28 June 2021

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