Keeping busy (Covid-19 Lockdown)

These are, as we keep getting reminded, unprecedented times. I don’t think I need to spell out the details for any of my readers, so I’ll avoid typing the C-word.

With many of us now working from home (or not working at all), and with never-ending bad news streaming in, it’s easy to become both stir crazy and anxious. Luckily, the best way to stall both of these problems is the same: keep yourself occupied.

So, what are my plans for keeping occupied?

Some of the best theatres in the country are currently streaming world class theatre online, much of it for free.

It’s fantastic of theatres to put these plays online. Not only are they world class productions, but theatres are really struggling in the current climate. For them to put such great material online, much of it for free, is really good of them.

The other means by which I intend to keep myself occupied is modding. You will recall that I began work on a mod, tentatively titled Lunar Descent 2 Working Title, before Christmas. This stalled, largely due to a lack of time. But now, I have an abundance of time! So, the mod is back in production, albeit heavily scaled back.

The mod will be developed in 4 phases. The first phase should be completed by the end of this month. The first phase being completed will place the mod on a good footing to be finished later, even if time becomes limited again (ie. normality returns).

What kind of mod is it?

It’s going to be a short survival horror game. It’s set on a passenger spaceship in the Dissolution/Lunar Descent universe, but its story is largely independent of those two mods. The mod will be my first non-combat game (if we exclude Rescue the Princess), and takes inspiration from games like Penumbra and Amnesia. I’ll reveal more details soon.

I’d love to know if any of you have plans for keeping yourselves busy during this crisis. Do let me know, and stay safe.

Written by Aaron, Thursday 2 April 2020

Reader comments

dougzyPosted by dougzy (10 month(s) ago):

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll take a look at the biography. I've done a little bit of reading on Hamilton's life and it is fascinating.

I ended up watching the NT production of Amadeus the other week which was also pretty good. I still haven't seen the film though.

AaronPosted by Aaron (10 month(s) ago):

Home ownership is definitely its own project. Especially, I found, in the first year or so.

If you enjoyed Hamilton, I'd really recommend Ron Chernow's Hamilton biography (which the play is based on). Hamilton was a very fascinatingly man. The Americans were very lucky to have him when they did. 😁

dougzyPosted by dougzy (10 month(s) ago):

I'm glad the blogs are still coming, guys! I've fallen out of the way a bit with ODG and haven't produced as much recently. Having the house was meant to give me more time and space to work on other projects, but it seems to be the source of endless jobs.

I haven't kept up with the theatre releases, try as I might, but we did watch Hamilton which has been released on Disney+, and I can thoroughly recommend it. It's not a standard musical and manages to bring the story of one of the founding fathers to life rather vibrantly. Lin-Manuel Miranda is great, too, but I'm a bit of a fan of his.

Glad you're continuing mod development. Good luck with it all!

AaronPosted by Aaron (1 year(s) ago (14 months)):

Thanks for the comment!

I agree, Two Guvnors was excellent. And I'm looking forward to revealing more about the mod in the coming weeks.

JohPosted by Joh (1 year(s) ago (14 months)):

The streaming of theatre is really, really cool. I really enjoyed both Wild and One Man, Two Guvnors. I'm really looking forward to watching more plays over the next few weeks.

It's always exciting to have you working on a new mod, and a survival horror in the essence of Frictional's games and set in the Dissolution universe sounds like a great formula for a mod. I really look forward to seeing more of that.

AaronPosted by Aaron (1 year(s) ago (14 months)):

Reading's another way I'm keeping busy, too. I'm partway through Enlightenment Now, and am hoping to start reading Cat's Cradle (by Kurt Vonnegut) pretty soon, too. Of HG Wells, I've only really read War of the Worlds (though a long time ago now), and tiny snippets of The Time Machine.

Thanks for the offer of help. I will need play testers, of course. 😀

FalconPosted by Falcon (1 year(s) ago (14 months)):

I think I'm staving off boredom rather well and I have gotten used to these new ways. It is good to see that theatres are trying out new things and finding creative ways to bring the arts to the bored masses stuck at home even though they are one of the business struggling in the current climate.

I have been keeping myself busy by building up a daily routine. I'm reading more and have just finished 'The Island of Dr Moreau' by H.G Wells which is a rather short story that I had been meaning to get around to for some time. I am watching plenty of programmes I had planned to see, am playing more video games than I have in a long while and I am writing a bit. Admittedly, the writing has not been as intensive as it should have been with the free time I now have. I hope to write more within the next few weeks and really break ground in my latest story.

Good to hear about your mod being on track again after a some back and forth on its very existence. It sounds intriguing and I'll help out in anyways I can as I'm sure everyone else in the blogging community will do to.

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