Reading List 2020

Last year, I read 28 books. This year, I read 34. Towards the end of last year, I wrote a short post listing my favourites, and so this post does the same for 2020.


The books listed below are books that had a marked impact on me. I enjoyed most of the 34 I read, but of them these are the ones I would most highly recommend:



This is likely the last post of the year, so I’ll take the opportunity to wish everybody reading a merry Christmas. Let’s hope 2021 is a good year (though I suspect it will most certainly not be).

Written by Aaron, Thursday 24 December 2020

Reader comments

JohPosted by Joh (4 month(s) ago):

The books you picked as your highlights of the year all sounded like very interesting books from what I heard of them. I haven't read a while myself.

FalconPosted by Falcon (4 month(s) ago):

I'm still holding out hope for a good 2021 though I suspect this could be a new normal for a couple of years at least. Getting through 34 books in a year is quite the achievement and they sound like very varied topics, not to mention from vastly different time periods too. I have read a few novels myself, some of which I've reviewed on my blog, and a few shorter stories by Lovecraft this year.

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