The Apocalpyse of Eden

I completed Phase 2 of my mod a few months ago. I decided to take a break after Phase 2, so as to not exhaust myself with the project. This means I have been spending the last while working on other things.

Mostly, I’ve kept busy writing entries for publication on I’ve been writing a novella (bordering on a small novel – we’ll see how it comes out in the edits) with fantasy elements, the first draft of which is now complete. I’m not sure if this will see the light of day before 2021, but I’m quite excited to see what the WW community make of it, as it’s a step outside my comfort zone in many ways.

I’ve also been writing a short story for the de facto Halloween challenge this October. This has been a fun one to write, because it’s a fairly standard haunted house tale, but I’m having quite a bit of fun with the setting and imagery. I’m also trialling out a new drafting technique for the entry, and hope it’ll speed up my drafting process for future projects.

I also had time to ponder the mod project further, which now has a title: The Apocalypse of Eden. The name is a little enigmatic, but it’ll become clear when you play the game I think. I’ve decided to extend the project beyond its original scope. Originally, it was to be a small, contained story, with four levels and one voice actor. Now, I’d like to make something closer to the size of Dissolution. I’ve also expanded the number of voiced characters from one to three – a move that allows for a more interesting plot.

Originally, I kept the scope as small as I could, in case the project petered out. Better to have a small mini campaign, I thought, than nothing at all. Now that the original plan is mostly fulfilled, I feel like being a tad more adventurous, and making a more memorable and exciting game.

Written by Aaron, Saturday 10 October 2020

Reader comments

JohPosted by Joh (7 month(s) ago):

I'm really looking forward to the mod. What I've seen of it so far looks very promising. Increasing the scope now that the initial scope's completion is within reach makes a lot of sense.

I'm also looking forward to your upcoming stories.

AaronPosted by Aaron (7 month(s) ago):

Thanks, Falcon. Your help with testing will be much appreciated, as it was in Lunar Descent!

And I agree, it is good to get out of comfort zones when it comes to writing, because it's all too easy to fall into a trap of continually writing the same thing again and again.

FalconPosted by Falcon (7 month(s) ago):

I like the title of your new mod and I am interested to see more of it. The additions to it will obviously mean that we will have to wait longer to get our hands on it but I am sure that it will be well worth the wait. I can help out with testing or whatever else is needed when necessary. I am also looking forward to your next Write Wise projects as stated above. They all sound very promising and it is good for authors to get out of their usual comfort zones once in a while.

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