The Apocalypse is Nigh

The Apocalypse is, I would say, 90% complete at this point.

Except for a few retakes, all the voice acting is now in. It’s also now possible to play the entire game campaign from start to finish – which is a huge milestone.

There’s still a lot of bug fixes and general game polishing to be done, but we’re definitely on the final stretch at this point.

The next major steps are going to be:

  1. Set a release date
  2. Conduct internal beta testing

I will choose a release date come January, when I will be almost 100% able to give a reliable date. It’s likely to be Q2 or Q3 2022, but time will tell.

The readers of this blog are all already down for helping out with beta testing, which I will very much appreciate. The game you will play come beta will be essentially done, with perhaps a few rough edges here and there. The full gameplay, the full story and almost the full game art will be featured.

It’s going to be great hearing what you guys things!

Written by Aaron, Sunday 28 November 2021

Reader comments

AaronPosted by Aaron (1 year(s) ago (17 months)):

Thanks guys. There should be no breakdowns this time, Falcon. I think if I put another bomb rushing segment in a mod I'd get into big trouble. 😁

JohPosted by Joh (1 year(s) ago (17 months)):

Very much looking forward to playing more of this. It's looking excellent.

FalconPosted by Falcon (1 year(s) ago (17 months)):

Good to hear that the mod is nearly complete. I have been looking forward to playing it after all this time hearing about it and it will be interesting to do some beta testing once more. Hopefully, I won't be having a nervous breakdown over any bomb sections in 'The Apocalypse'. I may have to play through all three of these mods in one day to refresh my memory and see how it all connects. It has been a while since I last played them.

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