The Apocalypse, thoughts on the release

It’s been two weeks since The Apocalypse released, which is enough time to summarise my initial thoughts on how the release went.

I would like to do a detailed post-release analysis, like I did for Dissolution, but for now I just want to give my initial thoughts.

The mod has ~680 downloads on ModDB at the time of writing. This is slightly less than Lunar Descent achieved in a similar timeframe, but there is still a trickle of downloads so I expect we will reach 1,000 or so by the end of the year.

This is about what I expected in terms of downloads. Back in 2011, Dissolution amassed several thousand downloads within a few days. But times have changed, and HL2 mods – except the really big ones, like Underhell – don’t get the attention they once did. This fact disappointed me when I released Lunar Descent, but I was prepared this time and am quite happy to have at least maintained a decent download count.

I also hope to be able to give it a bit of a boost with the release of a post release teaser video (videos generate a lot of traffic to the profile) and the posting of the full post-mortem. I am toying with the idea of releasing a small “expansion pack” (a small bonus campaign, say), which would further boost the mod’s profile, but I am as yet undecided on this.

The reception has been excellent. The feedback posted on ModDB has been very positive. The elements I wanted to emphasise the most – atmosphere, story and sense of place – all seem to have gone down well. There have been a few videos of people playing the mod posted which is nice to see. Some people have found it scary, lots enjoyed the inventory-system based puzzles and a few fans of my previous mods enjoyed digging into the ‘lore’ of the universe. All good to hear.

Overall, I would say the release has been a success. The mod has, I think, proven itself worth the 2 years of time invested in it, and I think it will continue to find new players over the years. Indeed, there is currently a Russian translation in the works, so the mod may be about to find a whole host of new players.

Written by Aaron, Tuesday 29 March 2022

Reader comments

AaronPosted by Aaron (9 month(s) ago):

Thanks, guys. We shall see what happens wrt the expansion pack. It would be a fun, time-limited project to take up at some stage, I reckon.

JohPosted by Joh (9 month(s) ago):

Massive congratulations on the mod release. It's really good to see the positive feedback. It is sad to see the player base having dropped so much from the old download counts that Dissolution seen.

An expansion pack does sound like a good idea. You have a lot of assets and a lot of room to explore with your gameplay mechanics, so it sounds like a really good idea.

FalconPosted by Falcon (9 month(s) ago):

The mod seems to have done really well from what I have seen of its reception on Mod DB. Unfortunately, as you already said, there does seem to have been considerably less of an audience since the days of your earlier projects. I certainly am intrigued by your idea of an expansion pack which would definitely bring more attention to the mod if you were going to follow through with it.

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