It's been slightly over two years since I last wrote a blog post, having decided in 2017 to give up blogging.

I gave it up because I was overwhelmed by other commitments at the time. I was working a full-time job, pursuing a mathematics degree and I was scrambling to finish Lunar Descent, a project that ended up taking 4 years to complete. Blogging had become a distraction. I found myself with a blog, but with no idea what to do with it anymore. I started blogging as a 14-year-old kid, and it was a great way to journal the development of my mods, but by 2017, I no longer felt like blogging was benefiting me in any way. So I purged it.

But now I'm back. Will I be picking up where I left off? Not exactly.

You’ll notice, perhaps, that this blog is fresh – this is the first (and, so far, only) entry. I haven’t deleted ten years of history, but I didn’t want to relaunch my blog and have it weighed down by a decade’s worth of posts of wildly varying quality.

I intend for the blog to be considerably more focussed this time round, and of a more consistently high quality. It won’t be dedicated to one particular topic. Instead, each post will focus on a single topic. I intend to treat each article as a mini project, with time and care taken for each one.

I plan to write about various topics and books that I find interesting, but this blog is strictly an amateur’s blog. I’m only professionally capable of speaking about one topic – computer programming – and that’s probably the one topic I’m certain won’t get much coverage on this blog.

My primary aim, and my motivation for returning, is to have a writing project I can work on in my spare time. I enjoy dabbling in fiction writing – my latest story, The President, was released only a few weeks ago on the main Write Wise website – but I don’t always have an active fiction project going at any given time. I’m hoping that writing short, factual articles for this blog will allow me to practise writing more regularly.

So, once again … welcome!

Written by Aaron, Sunday 19 May 2019

Reader comments

AaronPosted by Aaron (4 year(s) ago (46 months)):

Cheers, Bris! 🙂

BrisingrPosted by Brisingr (4 year(s) ago (46 months)):

Welcome back! The new design is very modern looking, loving it. Looking forward to seeing your posts in the future.

AaronPosted by Aaron (4 year(s) ago (46 months)):

Thanks for the comments, lads.

FalconPosted by Falcon (4 year(s) ago (46 months)):

The new blog is looking very well and is certainly modern too. It's good to see you back at it and I'm eager to see what you'll be writing about. Maybe others will be inspired to return to blogging after reading your future updates.

JohPosted by Joh (4 year(s) ago (46 months)):

The new blog looks very clean and modern. I like the look a lot. I look forward to seeing what you decide to write about on here.

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