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Bulletins & Privacy

Write Wise is hosted in the EU and all of its members are EU citizens – therefore, complying with GDPR is fairly important! Luckily, Write Wise only collects the data you give it (such as story chapters, comments etc.). You can review our Privacy Policy by following the link below, to see how Write Wise collects and uses your data:


You might also notice that our fancy new Privacy Policy is featured as a 'bulletin' on the front-page. This is a new feature that is coming to the Write Wise very soon. Authors will be able post bulletins, announcing story and writing news, and other site users will be able to reply and comment.

Stay tuned!

Written by Aaron, Saturday 2 June 2018

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Joh  6 year(s) ago (72 months)

I'm always looking forward to new features and updates on Write Wise. The bulletins are a good idea and will be very useful for announcing upcoming stories.

Aaron  6 year(s) ago (72 months)

It's good that GDPR is forcing companies to treat data a little more carefully. It's hard to know where to draw the line, though. I mean... we might have to give _your blog_ a GDPR privacy policy, too. :)

I'm looking forward to the feature going live fully. I've long wanted a way for people to talk about upcoming stories, to allow a little bit of hyping.

Falcon  6 year(s) ago (72 months)

Ah, I see GDPR is penetrating every aspect of life once more but I suppose Write Wise doesn't have much in the way of personal data. Also, nice upcoming feature. I'm sure it will come in handy with future story announcements.