April 2014 Entries - Write Wise Blog

The Future

Thanks to all who entered the March 2014 challenge, I enjoyed reading both entries. I regret not having been able to enter myself but I will be returning for the next challenge in June (I already have my story first drafted).

I had originally intended to release a new version of the Write Wise site for March, but due to the same reasons that I was unable to enter, I couldn't.

This changeover will, however, take place this year. The new system will aim to be:

  • Easier to use
  • Be better organised
  • Have a modern design that makes better use of the user's screen resolution

If you have any suggestions, either for the Write Wise or the new website, please comment!

Written by Aaron, Sunday 6 April 2014

Upload Issues

We seem to be having issues with our cover uploading. Posting has been delayed until this can be resolved.

Updates will be posted here.

Written by Aaron, Tuesday 1 April 2014