April 2016 Entries - Write Wise Blog

v2.3 Released

I had mentioned, a few blog posts ago, that a new reader (and API) was being developed for Write Wise.

I have just pushed Version 2.3. which introduces the new reader -- though this new reader will not yet replace the existing one. The new reader is currently only able to read public-access stories (and not stories which are marked private). Despite the reader not being fully deployed yet, I'd still love it if you gave it a whirl and let me know what you think. Here are some stories you can read using the new reader:

The main advantages of the new reader are:

  • Responsive design -- the v3 reader will adjust itself to work well on any resolution. This will make the reader much better suited to mobile reading.
  • Asynchronous content downloading. Content is loaded as and when it is needed. Changing a page does not reload the entire page, it merely downloads the content for the next chapter.

Further, an API is now available for use. I haven't put together any documentation for the API, but some sample URIs can be found below:

The API is being used by the new reader, but it is open for anybody to use. It allows access to Write Wise's data (or, at least, its story and chapter data) so that any third-party application can make use of it. Feel free to play around with it.

Finally, a username bug on the main page has been fixed.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts! If any bugs or issues crop up, please do shout.

Written by Aaron, Friday 1 April 2016