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August 2017 WW Circular

Over three years ago, I published an article in which we discussed our favourite Write Wise entries. Given how much time has passed, I thought it might be interesting to look back and see if our favourites have changed. I've selected my favourite titles on a per-author basis at the bottom of this article. I'd love to hear your views!

Yesterday, I patched the site to better handle non-UTF-8 encoding (which could be found in some of our older stories). The non-UTF-8 encoding was causing problems with our new reader, such that certain stories were not loading properly. This has now been fixed.

Also, I'm very happy to announce the opening of the 2017 Writing Challenge! The challenge will be accepting entries until the 20th December 2017. The 2015 and 2016 challenges both produced interesting stories and I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's challenge brings!

Let me know if you have any thoughts on Write Wise or its running. We're a community-driven site, so all feedback is taken into account when making key site decisions.

My WW Favourites

Cogworld: Tales of Peter Jepson

My favourite story of Falcon's is Cogworld: Tales of Peter Jepson. Memorable characters -- especially Jepson -- and a well-developed backstory made this a great story. I really enjoyed Cogworld and this story expanded on that universe very well.

Clandestine - Part One

My favourite story of Jordan's is Clandestine (I'm counting this two-parter as one story, given the tight coupling of the two). The characters in this story were especially memorable (especially the creepy Charlie) and the entire story has a sense of dread about it. Despite (when combined) making the biggest word count on the site, I found these stories flowed in very quickly.

My favourite story of Bris's remains Stanley.

Do let me know what your own lists would be.

Written by Aaron, Thursday 31 August 2017