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Write Wise 2015

First of, a big thanks to Falcon for his contribution to the Write Wise this December! It's always nice to have something to read over Christmas from the WW.

The next iteration of Write Wise will be launching in 2015. It will be streamlined, reflecting the site's change of focus, focussing on individual stories and allowing users to promote their own stories.

Of course, don't feel the need to wait on the next version: entries submitted to the Open Challenge will be brought through to the new version (along with all other entries).

The next version has been delayed due to other projects and also due to the rigour with which the new version is being developed. Automated tests (unit and integration) are being written for each feature. This takes time, but will hopefully ensure that the code is robust, allowing for future maintenance to be much easier.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Written by Aaron, Friday 26 December 2014