December 2016 Entries - Write Wise Blog

Closing thoughts for the year

It's been quite a year for Write Wise, we had eight short story submissions this year with a combined word count of 123,600 words! Just looking at the front page shows what a variety of stories we've had recently.

Thanks to everybody who has entered this year. In March, Write Wise will be celebrating its sixth anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been so long. Here are some fun numbers that put things into perspective:

  • Years operating: 6
  • Number of stories: 72
  • Site word count: 495,345
  • Number of challenges (excl. the Open Challenge): 22

We've achieved quite a lot in six years. Here's hoping 2017 is just as good. In terms of site architecture, here's my ambitions for the year:

  • Have all stories accessible via Reader V3 (and retire version 2)
  • Introduce a new story management interface, simplifying the process greatly
  • Introduce modern, sleek story profiles

Thanks again to all who entered and all who commented this year. It's very much appreciated.

As a final note, this blog (and other active Potato Journal blogs) have finally had their snow installed. The snow will get exponentially heavier (and quadratically faster) the closer we get to Christmas!

Have a great Christmas, all.

Written by Aaron, Thursday 22 December 2016

WW2016 has CLOSED

The 2016 Write Wise has closed. Two entries have been submitted:

  1. The Misadventures of Murdoch and McKenzie: Time Zone Trouble (by Falcon)
  2. Truth (by Aaron)

Here are the covers:

The Misadventures of Murdoch and McKenzie: Time Zone Trouble


The first story will be published for viewing tomorrow (21st December) and the second the day after that.

Happy Christmas!

Written by Aaron, Tuesday 20 December 2016