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March 2014

The first Write Wise challenge of the year will be closing on the 31st March 2014. A point of interest is the fact that this challenge will mark three years of writing challenges, which is pretty amazing!

Three years ago, the first challenge was announced on my blog. I never knew it would grow in the way that it has and would like to again thank everybody who has entered stories to our challenges.

Unfortunately, this post isn't all fond reminiscence...

It's looking increasingly unlikely that I will be unable to enter this coming challenge due to other commitments. I don't like not entering a challenge (I have so far only failed to enter once), but the other commitments are important, and do require my full attention.

I also definitely won't be releasing the planned new version of the site for March, for the same reasons. I do still intend to update the site at some point, as the code base could definitely use with being updated.

Written by Aaron, Tuesday 25 February 2014