May 2014 Entries - Write Wise Blog

Write Wise v3

Version 3 is the next version of the Write Wise website. It is a major overhaul, with the codebase being completely re-written. There are some major architectural changes to the design of the application:

  • It will use the Python programming language rather than PHP.
  • There will actually be two separate applications: a data service and a web front end.

Both of these characteristics work in Write Wise's favour. The first will allow cleaner, more-concise code to be written which will speed up adding new features and the maintenance of the application.

The second means that the Write Wise data can be harvested not just by the default UI, but also by other front ends. It would be possible to create mobile apps that could harvest the information from Write Wise, for example.

Exciting times ahead! The main focus of v3 development is currently to get things working, rather than add any new shiny features. If, however, you have any suggestions -- please drop them in the comments.

Written by Aaron, Saturday 31 May 2014

June 2014

The next Write Wise challenge will be held on June 2014, with the closing date being 30th June.

Looking forward to reading everybody's entries, and I'm happy to say that I will be entering this time round!

Written by Aaron, Friday 16 May 2014