September 2016 Entries - Write Wise Blog

Announcing the 2016 Writing Challenge

We've had a number of brilliant entries to the Open Challenge in 2016, which is very encouraging to see. Write Wise continues to spawn great stories and I love reading them. There have also been a number of improvements to the Write Wise site itself, including the launch of the new Write Wise v3 reader.

It's been an eventful year for the site. I thank everybody who has contributed to the community, whether that be with stories or comments. It's very much appreciated.

We no longer host all that many writing challenges, due to the shift in focus to the Open Challenge, but last year's Christmas Challenge in 2015 was such a massive success that I've decided to run a challenge this December, too.

2016 Write Wise Writing Challenge

The challenge will open in a few months, to remain open until December 20th. I hope everybody who entered 2015's will be able to enter this year's challenge, as it was a lot of fun to have three entries posted together last year.

Happy writing, everybody!

Written by Aaron, Saturday 10 September 2016