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2015 Writing Challenge

With a new commitment to modernising Write Wise, and keeping it an ongoing, living community, it seemed like a good time to announce a new writing challenge!

Write Wise 2015 Writing Challenge

The 2015 Writing Challenge will be accepting entries until the 20th of December. The rules are the same as for our previous challenges: any and all short story fiction is welcome!

We don't run very many challenges anymore, but I hope that the usual crowd will be able to enter this one.

Happy writing!

Written by Aaron, Thursday 29 October 2015

Write Wise v2.2 released

As part of the new incremental release model, I've just pushed v2.2 of Write Wise out. From the user's perspective, the only noticeable change is that we now have a new, modern home page.

Behind the scenes, a lot of groundwork has been laid which will allow future parallel development to continue. Effectively, there are two Write Wise code bases running in parallel at the moment.

Let me know what you think of the new homepage!

Written by Aaron, Saturday 22 August 2015

Write Wise 2015 Strategy

Write Wise community,

This is just a quick update to let you know what is happening with Write Wise.

2015 is going to be an important year for the site. Major site improvements are on the way:

  • A new, modern UI
  • The ability to log into Write Wise using your Potato Journal credentials
  • A focus on individual stories instead of challenge

I've taken the decision to slowly add features to the existing infrastructure, gradually improving said structure, instead of the major overhaul that was originally planned. This will allow us to keep all of our features active as we transition. It also means that you all should start to see new features very soon.

On a personal note, I intend to to write a new short story in the coming months. It's been ages since I've had the chance, but I'm looking forward to getting back to some writing.

Hope to see some new writing from our members soon!

Written by Aaron, Thursday 20 August 2015

Bug fix released

You maybe noticed that there was a bug with Write Wise's handling of the "Stories by <user>" page. It had been displaying all Open Challenge stories on every user's personal story page.

Originally, I was going to hold back and just wait for WW2015 to fix this, but the latest version of the site is coming in rather late so I've released a patch to correct this bug.

Happy writing!

Written by Aaron, Sunday 17 May 2015

Write Wise 2015

First of, a big thanks to Falcon for his contribution to the Write Wise this December! It's always nice to have something to read over Christmas from the WW.

The next iteration of Write Wise will be launching in 2015. It will be streamlined, reflecting the site's change of focus, focussing on individual stories and allowing users to promote their own stories.

Of course, don't feel the need to wait on the next version: entries submitted to the Open Challenge will be brought through to the new version (along with all other entries).

The next version has been delayed due to other projects and also due to the rigour with which the new version is being developed. Automated tests (unit and integration) are being written for each feature. This takes time, but will hopefully ensure that the code is robust, allowing for future maintenance to be much easier.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Written by Aaron, Friday 26 December 2014

Quick progress update

The original plan was to have the new Write Wise, embodying our new approach, out by the end of this month. This isn't going to be possible, unfortunately.

I've made some great progress, but the code is taking longer than I anticipated. This is both due to me being busier than expected and also due to the new development approach itself (whereby I write Unit and Functional tests before the code itself) taking some getting used to.

The code for Write Wise is some of the best web-based code I've ever written, however. So even if it takes a little longer, the product should be extensible, stable and (hopefully) without any major bugs.

Hold tight!

Written by Aaron, Thursday 30 October 2014