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Three Years

As hard as it is to believe, the Write Wise will mark three years of running writing challenges next March. The time has absolutely flown in and, thankfully, the Write Wise is still going strong.

There are 14 days until the next challenge closes, and I thought I'd mention my favourite stories that you've managed to put together in the last 2+ years.

Joh - The Red Spectre

The Red Spectre

It was hard to choose between The Terrors and The Red Spectre, but I think The Red Spectre edges in as my favourite.

The Kittelson series has produced many fine stories, but for me this is its strongest. It build up a tense atmosphere fantastically and provided a creative, intriguing mystery. The characters of Dillon and Kittelson felt truly human in this story, and I think this marked the start of their best cases.

Falcon - Cogworld


Falcon's stories have us brought many unique locations and varied casts of characters, but my personal favourite of his stories is Cogworld.

Cogworld's world is a fascinating one and allows us to experience an intriguing (if oppressive) society from the perspective of the eccentric protagonist, Winston. The story's main strength, in my view, was the relationship between Winston and Cog -- one of Write Wise's finest friendships.

Bris - Stanley


The sort of scenario you might expect from a Twilight Zone episode: Stanley awakes to find himself in his past after taking dodgy pills.

Despite the outlandish premise, the story's greatest strength is in its relatable, normal characters. The story also manages to cover a history of events seamlessly without slowing its main plot.

2014 will see Write Wise v3 being released, with a new modern user interface. More on that later. Feel free to post your own favourite stories of the challenges.

Written by Aaron, Friday 6 December 2013

18 Days

Just a quick reminder, that there are 18 days left to submit your December 2013 challenge entries.

Looking forward to reading what you have written (and posting my own, of course).

Whenever sufficient entries have accumulated, I will post the story covers on this blog.

Written by Aaron, Monday 2 December 2013

Upcoming Challenge

Hello, all!

This is just a reminder that the next Write Wise challenge, and the last one of 2013, will be opening for entries soon and closing on the 20th December.

This is slightly less time than the other challenges, so you may want to take advantage of November if you are planning to enter.

Looking forward to reading the entries!

Written by Aaron, Wednesday 30 October 2013

The Write Wise Blog

Welcome to the new Write Wise blog!

Write Wise provides plenty of ways for keeping up-to-date on happenings, such as upcoming challenges and new entries, but there isn't really a place to talk about the goings on in and around those events.

The Write Wise blog is to be the new home for discussing:

  • Write Wise news
  • Site updates or future updates
  • New ideas for the future of the site

Write Wise is a community-run website, we all write entries and those entries all get published on the website.

The blog is connected to the Potato Journal user system rather than Potato ID (which Write Wise currently still uses).

Don't worry, you will still receive your usual updates from the Write Wise website through 'Updates' on Potato Journal.

Written by Aaron, Friday 11 October 2013