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Greetings, Firefly is an early Noughties television programme set in a mix between a western and science  fiction created by Joss Whedon. It lasted for one series and a movie named Serenity, which I have yet to watch. The main character is Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a soldier who fought on the losing side in the civil war, he becomes a thief fighting against the victorious Alliance.  Other characters include Zoe, another soldier who had become an ally of Malcolm’s, her husband is named Wash, the pilot of the ship Serenity. Kalyee is the ship’s engineer and Jayne is the man obsessed with fighting.  

In the pilot episode, Malcolm intends to transport individuals to their destination for money. The passengers consist of a young doctor called Simon, a preacher Simon and Inara. It becomes apparent the doctor is smuggling cargo and it is revealed he had hidden his sister in a state of hibernation from the Alliance. His sister named River is highly intelligible and has been tortured by the government. So the team have to survive while hiding from the authorities and the mad men called Reavers. I thought this a good series apart from one episode that I didn’t really like, over all it was acted brilliantly and had a good story line.  The setting was also quite nice. I would encourage you to watch it. The third series of the adventure of Fletch and Roman series three is up in Warehouse 17.



Special effects= 7/10


Quote of the day

Have you ever been hit on the head with a welding mallet? No? Well, shut up, then.


Red Dwarf

Written by Falcon, Tuesday 26 April 2011

Dead to rights Retribution

Greetings, Dead to rights retribution is the 2010 remake of Dead to rights. It has some of the same characters which revolves around Jack Slate and Shadow, although their attitudes, occupations and names may have changed. This is quite a good remake although I did prefer the original, the reason for Frank Slate’s death, Jack’s father, on which the story was based on has changed. The plot is situated in Grant city, where corruption is rife and the physical environment is falling apart. It starts with a group of armed union workers attacking Temple Tower and taking hostages, it is a television studio belonging to Julian Temple.

Jack Slate and Shadow force their way into the building with much opposition from the police who are trying to resolve the position peacefully. However the negotiations fail as the Union start killing hostages. Jack and Shadow fight their way to the leader, Riggs, who is threatening Julian. Riggs flees the scene and manages to escape on a heavily armed aircraft, at the sight of the jet, Jack realises this was the plan was too well executed to be the work of the Union. Later on, Jack, Shadow and Frank hunt down Riggs to the abandoned docks in which they are attacked by more armed workers. Other police members including the leader of the elite units, Redwater tracks them and helps fight off the threat. The two Slates break up to find Riggs, eventually Jack finds a colleague of his and walks back to find his father dying. Despite the paramedics effort Frank dies meaning Jack and Shadow seek revenge and the answer to why his father died, following the trail of Riggs.

The graphics are great as they indicate the level of Grant city’s decay, it also shows quite a lot of violence in the fight scenes. In this game, the player can take control of Shadow which was not possible in the first one. I like the game but I think the original is better. The second episode of the adventures of Fletch and Roman series three is up in Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

You sure you want to get Grandpa's cuckoo clock back? That thing nearly put my eye out.


My name is Earl

Written by Falcon, Monday 18 April 2011

FRA series 3

Greetings, the adventures of Fletch and Roman return for the third series. Fletch and Roman are causing more mayhem in this story in an attempt to save the day. All the characters have now been introduced and most will be included in the story, all of FRA plots are weird but hopefully not too confusing. I believe as it is the third series that new bloggers shouldn’t read it as it would take too long to understand the characters. I hope you enjoy it. The first episode of the adventures of Fletch and Roman series 3 is up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

Sweetheart, you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies.


Edward Scissorhands


Written by Falcon, Sunday 10 April 2011