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A watchable, but forgettable film.

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It was an ok film, kept me entertained the first time i seen it anyway.

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I believe 24 was also cancelled. Shame about FlashForward - it had gotten so much better after that mid-season break ... ah well, I guess. Still got Fringe ...

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Aye is a pity about the new leaders and the shows being canceled. Bad news all round :P

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Great series, loved it all. Gonna miss it :(

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The FRA Christmas Special

Hello again friends, I hope you have a nice Christmas, there should be further updates berfore then anyway.

The adventures of Fletch and Roman Christmas special

Narrator: Ohh hello Friends, Welcome to the adventures of Fletch and Roman Christmas special. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. This is sure to confuse you. Happy Christmas!

Roman: Seasons greetings, Welcome weíll try to keep up to the standards of Christmas movies such as Jingle all the way, Muppets Christmas Carol, Home alone, A wonderful life. Which you could be watching right now instead of reading this. ÖStill here?

Fletch: Yes, classics. We donít have a chance do we?

Roman: Not if were telling a story.


Roman: I thought we were going to do stand up.

Fletch: Have you ever had Old under wear thrown at you? Itís not a nice feeling. More of a general Aggggghhhh. You know? I am not going to do that again.

Roman: Sigh, Letís just read a story.

Fletch lifts book from bookshelf.

Fletch opens book.

Fletch: A. the indefiniteÖ

Roman interrupts.

Roman: Thatís a dictionary.

Fletch: Itís words on a book, isnít it?

Roman: A dictionary isnít really a Christmas theme.

Fletch: Okay, Iíll make up my own story then. Itíll be up there with the classics.

Roman: OhÖ this canít be good.

Fletch: On a cold December morning, a scientist needed to get a present for his friend, He could not go to the shops as they had all their stock bought. Last minute buyers, always need saving.

(In story)

Dr. Mosan: HmmÖItís nearly Christmas, I really should have bought my presents earlier. What should I get for the Judge. He loves Cactuses and other weird stuff.

A few seconds later

Dr. Mosan: I got it.

A few hours later.

Dr. Mosan: This should do it. A robot Santa. Who would have thought?

Health Guy: I did.

Dr. Mosan: Sigh. ÖYou do like to spend your time here, donít you? Why donít you go home.

Health Guy: This isnít my house? Oh boy. Donít look in your fridge, I knew I didnít eat that missing Pizza.

Dr. Mosan: That is my pizza.

Health Guy: Is this huge bobble head toy yours to?

Dr. Mosan: Thatís not a bobble head, itís Dr. Granso.

Dr. Granso looks at Health Guy.

Health Guy: What kind of name is that for a bobble head?

Dr. Mosan chases Health Guy into the street.

Robot Santa: Merry Christmas.

A screw became loose in the Robot Santa.

The Robot Santa gets up and walks out.

Robot Santa: Destroy! Destroy!Ö Sigh I wish I had a bigger vocabulary.


Captain price: Hello, Dr. Granso. Ready for the big Parade tomorrow, one lucky person will get to dress up as Super Spandex man, the rip off version of Ö I mean the hero of all time.

Ninja Shell: Super Spandex man?

Captain price: Yes, even with my great skill, it is hard to get someone to buy a figure of him.

Builder walks up to Dr. Mosan, Ninja Shell and Captain price.

Builder: Ohhh Super spandex man.

Captain price: Ohh yes, a great present for your children.

Builder: Children Öyes.

Builder shifts his eyes.

Next day.

Dr. Mosan realizes that the robot Santa is missing.

Dr. Mosan: How odd I thought I left it here, oh well Iíll check about it after the parade. Wonder who is going to be lucky and be randomly chosen to dress up as super Spandex man.

Wait a minute there is a screw. That means one of his screws came loose, that could make him go crazy and blow up things.

Dr. Mosan joins crowd to see parade.

Ninja with microphone: Hello and welcome to the Pato and Ninja show, weíre here at the parade live. You should be here too seeing as it is happening outside your window. How about you get off yourÖ

Cell mate (interrupts): AhÖ What are you doing?, there is no camera here.

Ninja: Of course there is itís right in front of you.

Elinna: Ö Thatís a window.

Ninja: Ohhh boy. Pato quick say something to get these people away from me.

Pato: Donít go into work today!

Bird: Toast! What a lunch. Even though stealing doughnuts is what I am known for. I am the greatest doughnut thief in the world! Ö Oh crap I said that out loud.

Bird swoops down to catch Pato. Pato ducks making the Bird fly passed him into a Knight. The Knight falls into the Princessís arms.

Princess: You know itís usually the other way round, when someone gets married. You know the man holdsÖ

Knight (interrupts): Aghhhh!

Knight runs away.

Monster with kids: Who wants to pull a cracker?

Kids: Me! Me!

Monster and kids pull cracker.

Waldo comes out of cracker.

Waldo: You blew my cover.

Judge and guards chase him.

Guard: Sieze him!

Judge: What he said.

Captain Price ( on microphone): Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Jerugo parade. One lucky person will be randomly picked to play Super Spandex Man. Now on with the parade.

Box: Sigh Iím the only one who hasnít said anything yet.

Gerven Hood: Actually I havenít either.

Box: Ö I m bored, all you can do at a parades is watch people wave moving slowly by. I Ö Ohhh itís Santa.

Gerven Hood: Thatís not Santa itís an evil Robot Santa.

Box: How do you know itís evil ?

Gerven Hood: Have you ever played Portal?

Box: Ohh Ö I miss GLaDOS.

Robot Santa: Destroy!

Robot Santa pulls out grenade launcher and aims it at the Christmas tree.

Nintendo vice president: Oh no not the Christmas tree!

Dr. Mosan: I have to do something. Think. Ö ah.

Dr. Mosan looks at Super Spandex Man costume and puts it on .

Dr. Mosan throws boomerang at Robot Santaís rocket Launcher knocking it out of his hands.

Robot Santa: No. Now you must die !

Dr. Mosan: Luckily I have my Nail gun in my belt. Super Spandex attack.

Dr. Mosan shots nail where the loose screw fell out.

Robot Santa: Merry Christmas!

Everybody sings a carol.

(Out of story)

Roman: That was it.

Fletch: Hey this happened yesterday. I just read it off the newspaper.

Roman: My story would have elves.

Fletch: You want Elves! Here.

Fletch puts on Elf hat on Roman.

Roman: EhhÖ Is there anything else you want to say?

Fletch: OhhÖ Yes, when I finish a quest thereís nothing I want to do more thanÖ

Roman (interrupts): AhhÖ we donít advertise.

Fletch: OhhÖ Okay if you inviting your Grandmother around the Christmas season hide your missal toe. She has a small moustache.

Roman and Fletch: Merry Christmas!

Quote of the day
 "I didn't get where I am today by wearing underpants decorated with Beethoven."
The fall and rise of Reginald Perrin

Written on Monday 22 December 2008 by falcon


FRA sense part 2

The adventures of Fletch and Roman Trying to make sense book.

Part 2

Hello friends. Welcome again to the, the adventures of Fletch and Roman Trying to make sense book.


A Messenger from a small village on the mountain came to Jerugo. He came here as his village was being terrorized by a Dragon. Roman was the first person he saw. So Roman decided he would go on a quest to defeat the Dragon, His friend Jenon the healer came to. Roman is the navigator and Jenon was a healer, these were vital for their mission but they needed someone who could fight.

The Messenger needed rest, so he could not come. So Roman stood in the middle of the street asking people if they would join them. No one replied so he asked if people would like a cheesecake. One replied, Fletch. Roman and Jenon made him go through an assault course. He passed somehow, but is more a danger to his friends, than his enemies. So, Roman brought along the potion that could allow the user to control the objects or people. This potion was given to him by his old school friend Dr. Mosan, as a graduation present. Dr. Mosan got it as a treat from a cereal box made in Mt. Mexican Savages Moustaches. It is made by little Savages, who add cheese on to cheese per year, to make the biggest Cheese roll ever.

Fletch, Roman and Jenon started their quest. One night, they were passing a cave with a troll in it. The troll grabbed Jenon and said that he would release Jenon, when Fletch and Roman find the biggest treasure ever and give it to the troll.

Fletch and Roman were on their way to find the treasure when they Roman was captured by Ninja Shell as he was lonely living on the mountains by himself and the Small and quite ineffective little finger Ninjas.

Quote of the day
There was a reason Earl couldn't find the silverware, and I knew what it was. You know the kind of guy that likes hanging out with his brother watching cartoons and also likes to touch things with his tongue? Well thats me. I'm also the kind of guy that likes hanging out with his brother watching cartoons. Oh, wait, I already said that. I also hold the Candem County record for staring at the sun. My name is Randy
My name is Earl


Written on Thursday 18 December 2008 by falcon


The FRA sense.... ish

The adventures of Fletch and Roman Trying to make sense book.

Part one.

Hello, If you are reading this you are confused about The adventures of Fletch and Roman. No need to panic everyone is confused. It is a very confusing plot. If you do not understand you are completely normal. This goes in chronological order.

Spoiler warning.

Dr. Mosan, the local scientist in Jerugo, also Romanís school friend who gave Roman a potion that allowed itís user to take control of a body or object, as a present for finishing school. Dr. Mosan was building a car, with a difference it could time travel. A Delorean DMC 12. He made this during the late hours of the night, afraid of making an accident he decided to try it out in the morning.

Onlal, the Villain heard about this. He was also a class member of Roman and Dr. Mosanís class. One day the class made fun of Onlal as he had a lot of spots on his face. Onlal said he would have his revenge one day, this is why he stole the car. He travelled into the future, ripping off other peoples ideas, and stole some products. Then travelled back to Onlalís time. He claimed to invent these things the next day, he invented Nintendo, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, toasters, Mario, anything from the future. He sold the products for more money than they are worth in the future. He then started calling himself Captain price. Dr. Mosan knew Onlal had stolen his car, but had no proof.

Quote of the day

Wait, he had a lesson - yeah, he did, I thought he did - I've got him sitting in a helicopter. No it's a moped, no it's a helicopter.

Written on Tuesday 16 December 2008 by falcon


The challenges achivements

Welcome my friends, yes it is not the 17th yet but I decided to get the results anyway. Here is how I got on
Make my own language, easy all you need to know is English and put a capital G in front of every word, if it already has a G in front of the word, extend the prononciation.Hard to prenonce though.
For example Gi Gwalked Gto Gthe Glibrary, or  Gi Gwalked Gto Gthe Gbank.
This language is called Notsonna.

Make the longest title for a book
Mr. Notivgogo goes to Dennmark, this book by the way is the longest title for any book you know it all started, when....

Say a random thing each day
I am still doing this, did you know that in the 17th century, people invented trousers for their heads?

Make up my own word
Nujf - To make a pair of trousers from staples

Eat a raw carrot. I did eat most of it, It did get quite sickening after a while.

Finish Indina Summer. Which I did. There'll be a review on it later.

Make up my own sport. I made  this up a while ago. All you need is a chair and a nuke. It's called Nuke racing, I would advise you to play it in Gary's mod.

Make up my own equation.
Gravity plus mass equals number of muffins.
With this equation you can do next to nothing, only figure out the gravity, mass or number of muffins.

Make up a bands name
The peanut butter jam twist

Thank you for contributing.

Quote of the day
 Finally, we come to my number-two man. His name? Number Two.
Dr. Evil
Austin Powers international man of mystery.


Written on Sunday 14 December 2008 by falcon



Greetings, in my last post I said that I challenged you to make a list of challenges. You can do as many as you want, it has to be completed by 17th December. Here is my list so far.
Make my own language
Make the longest title for a book
Say a random thing each day
Make up my own word
Eat a raw carrot
Finish Indian summer (which is the book I 'm reading at the minute!)
Make up my own sport
Make an equation that is not relavent for anything useful
Make up a band name

You can use these if you want

Quote of the day
When Carlos Santana first met his future wife Deborah, he said "She smelled like something I wanted to wake up next to for the rest of my life". It's beautiful, isn't it? Finding a woman who smells like a bacon sandwich and a can of Irn Bru? You're a lucky man, Carlos!
Never mind the Buzzcocks

Written on Wednesday 10 December 2008 by falcon


Small update

Hello friends, a short update to say a few things. Firstly  thanks to Aaron for updating the blog. I have joined Last.fm and I have no idea what it stands for. It is great! I set you a challenge, you can write a list of things to do before 17th December. Make about 10 challenges. See how many you can complete. For example try eating a raw carrot. You can do anything you want, and it is not complusory.

 Quote of the day

George, the British Empire at present covers a quarter of the globe, while the German Empire consists of a small sausage factory in Tanganyika. I hardly think we can be entirely absolved from blame on the imperialistic front.

Written on Tuesday 9 December 2008 by falcon


Pushing Dasies

Pushing dasies is a quite recent tv programme. The main character is the pie maker. Appart from making pies, he can revive people back from the dead. The only problem is if they stay alive for more than one minute, another person in close range will die. Another is if he touches them agian they die, for good. He spends time solving muders by asking the victims who was responsable for their death. It does get a bit repetative. The main characters are Ned the pie maker, Digby his golden retriver, Chuck, Vivain, Lily, Emerson the private eye and Olive.

Plot = 8/10
Characters =7/10
Special effects  = 7/10
Overall = 7/10

Quote of the day
Yeah um, oh..
I find it rather hard to get to sleep,
So I tend to spend my time counting sheep.
Um, I've got, ah, plenty in my bedroom, um, one on the walls,
Um, one in bed and one curled up on my lap.
Stephen Fry
Who's line is it anyway

Written on Monday 1 December 2008 by falcon


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