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A watchable, but forgettable film.

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It was an ok film, kept me entertained the first time i seen it anyway.

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I believe 24 was also cancelled. Shame about FlashForward - it had gotten so much better after that mid-season break ... ah well, I guess. Still got Fringe ...

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Aye is a pity about the new leaders and the shows being canceled. Bad news all round :P

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Great series, loved it all. Gonna miss it :(

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Hello friends, yes sorry about the lack of updates. My exams are over, so it is just down to pure laziness that I didn't put a blog update on more recentlly. Not much happening right now, besides Barrack and ...  woolworths. That was a while ago... damn financial crisis. Well thats all I wanted to say, hopefully Barrack makes good decisions, like not going to war. sigh... I miss woolworths.

Quote of the day
For certain, you have to be lost to find a place as can't be found. Elseways, everyone would know where it was.
Captain Barbossa
Pirates of the Carribean : At world's end

Written on Thursday 22 January 2009 by falcon



Hello again, I seen Apocolypto a while ago but with Christmas and the exams I didn't review it sooner. A good movie, fast paced and a good plot. I would have the subtitles on even though it tells you that there is the sound of rocks falling, but unless you can read Mayan you would not understand what was going on. The main character's name is Jaguar Paw. The film is about Savages. Violent scenes in most of the movie, So if your not a fan of organs I wouldn't watch it.

Special effects= 8/10
Over all= 8/10

Quote of the day
Pie.... everybody love pie. 1 pie 2 pie 3 pie 4 , 5 pie 6 pie 7 pie more.
Andrew Murray ( Aka Falcon, Raphiel, Murray, Mark Murray junior, Andrew, Andy.... The list continues.)
The life of Andrew Murray 1993

Written on Friday 9 January 2009 by falcon


Happy new year

Hello friends, I hope you had a happy 2008. It was a good year. Some great movies and games were made. Ahhh Wall-e, The Dark Knight and Indiana Jones the kingdom of the crystal skull. The olympics was alright, what I seen of it. A pretty good year but not financially. So hello 2009.

Quote of the day
I think you just brought a knife to a gunfight.
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull

Written on Thursday 1 January 2009 by falcon


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