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A watchable, but forgettable film.

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It was an ok film, kept me entertained the first time i seen it anyway.

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I believe 24 was also cancelled. Shame about FlashForward - it had gotten so much better after that mid-season break ... ah well, I guess. Still got Fringe ...

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Aye is a pity about the new leaders and the shows being canceled. Bad news all round :P

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Great series, loved it all. Gonna miss it :(

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Red Dwarf

Greetings, Red Dwarf, (the book) is a british sci-fi comedy about a crew on the Space ship Red Dwarf consisting of supposedly the last man alive  named Lister, a hologram of his superior Rimmer, a human like cat with a desire to have fancy clothes called Cat, the andriod that loves to clean Kryten and the computer Holly. They are trying to get back to earth. The book is hard to get into at first because there is alot of characters I don't know but a nuclear explosion kills everybody on the ship apart from Lister and the pregnant cat he snook abored. I'm not really going to tell you why he brought the cat or how he survived as it takes quite a time to explain. It does get better from there on in. The writting is easy to go a long with and it's a short book. 


Wording= 7/10

Quote of the day
 I think you ought to know that I'm feeling very depressed.
The Hitchicker's Guide to the galaxy

Written on Friday 24 July 2009 by falcon


Terminator salvation

Greetings, I saw Terminator salvation a while ago it starred Christian Bale as John Connor and took place in 2018, before the first film but in the future. It is basically John Conner trying to save his father Kyle Reese and seending him back before he was born to protect his mother from the Terminator. The special effects were fantastic, plenty of explosions but it didn't feel like a terminator film. It is better than the third one though and wraps up the story. The 5th chapter of Shepard is up in the warehouse.


Plot = 7/10
Special effects = 8/10

Quote of the day
Stay here. I'll be back
The Terminator
Terminator 2 Judgment Day

Written on Wednesday 8 July 2009 by falcon


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