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A watchable, but forgettable film.

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It was an ok film, kept me entertained the first time i seen it anyway.

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I believe 24 was also cancelled. Shame about FlashForward - it had gotten so much better after that mid-season break ... ah well, I guess. Still got Fringe ...

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Aye is a pity about the new leaders and the shows being canceled. Bad news all round :P

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Great series, loved it all. Gonna miss it :(

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The Secret battle for Earth ch 12

Greetings, chapter 12 of the Secret battle for Earth is the final chapter, the Lutionn collection will keep going on after this as this is only the second book out of eight. I have enjoy writing it greatly and I can't wait to start the third book which will be coming soon. I hope you have liked it and the past, as well as future books to come. The 12th chapter of the Secret battle for Earth is up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. It's very simple. Look -- scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.


The Big bang theory


Written on Friday 29 January 2010 by falcon


Alien the book

Greetings, several weeks ago I read the book of the classic sci-fi horror Alien. It was written by Allen Dean Foster and is a reasonably short book, a crew of seven including Jones are wakened from a deep sleep by the computer known as Mother. The team aboard the Nomstro had been directed towards an alien planet due to an undecyphrable signal. So under the command of Dallas they go to check it out, once they entered the planet Dllas, Jones and Lambert track the signal. Ripley, Bret, Parker, Ash and Jones are left on duty on the ship. The team who tracked the signal, find an alien ship and decide to explore it. Kane is attacked by a face hugger when he is deep down a shaft, after his attempts to remove it, he becomes unconcious. Dallas and Lambert become alert as they had heard something attacking Kane and pull him up out of the shaft back to the Nomstro. It is a good book,but the first seventy odd pages are a bit dull, it has encouraged me to see the film. The eleventh chapter of the Secret battle for Earth is up in Warehouse 17.

Plot= 8/10

Characters =8/10

Wording= 7/10

Overall= 7/10

Quote of the day

There is a storm on the horizon. A time of hardship and pain. The battle has been won, but the war against machines rages on. Skynet's global network remains strong, but we will not quit, until all of it's destroyed. This is John Connor. There is no fate but what we make.

John Connor

Terminator Salvation


Written on Friday 22 January 2010 by falcon


Black books

Greetings, Black books is a comedy programme that is set in a book shop called Back books in London. The tv show ran on for three series and is based on three main characters who find themselves in odd situations, Benard Black an alcholic, smoking and unhygenique Irish man who owns Black books and is played by Dylan Moran. Manny is the assisstant who is always being pushed around by Bernard and is played by Bill Bailey, Fran is the woman who owns the bussiness next store. Tasmin Graig potrays Fran, the programme is hilarious and I would advise anyone to watch it. The tenth chapter of  the sectret battle for Earth is up in Warehouse 17.

Plot= 8/10

Characters= 10/10

Secial effects =  There aren't any.

Overall= 9/10

Quote of the day

You know, for kids.

Norville Barnes

The Hudsucker Proxy

Written on Friday 15 January 2010 by falcon



Greetings, for the first blog update of 2010 I thought I would review Avatar, in my opinion the best movie of 2009, with Star trek at a close second. It is a must see for anyone with an interest of science fiction, and in 3D a great experience. It was written and directed by James Cameron and has taken a long time to make. It is set on the hostile planet of Pandora, war is caused between the Humans and the locals of the planet, the Na'vi over resources. The main chatracter is sent by the company that placed the soldiers on Pandora to learn their ways and to convince them to leave their home, where the resources are. Jake Sully and the other characters are convincingly played, and the special effects are brilliant. The ninth chapter of the Secret battle for Earth is up in Warehouse 17.


Plot= 10/10

Characters= 10/10

Special effects = 10/10

Overall =10/10

Quote of the day

Oooooooooh, I do like a bit of gorgonzola!

Hutch the Rabbit

Walllace and Gromit in the curse of the Were-Rabbit



Written on Monday 4 January 2010 by falcon


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