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Sam and Max Beyond time and space

Greetings, Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space is a point a click adventure and sequel to Sam and Max season one. It continues on with the same format as the original by splitting up the storyline into several episodes which altogether add up to a plot that had been running through the two games. It should be noted that season 2 has one episode less but this in no way makes it inferior to its predecessor, despite this I feel that on the whole they both are equal to each other. As far as I can tell all the characters made a comeback for at least a cameo role and new ones were introduced who are necessary to complete the tasks that are placed in front of you.

Judging from the fact that the two main heroes are a dog and a rabbit who work as freelance police it is understandable that the storyline is weird. The first episode revolves around trying to uncover what has happened to and to help Santa who has suddenly been acting very strangely via locking himself up in his office in the North pole as well as shooting anyone who comes near his door. It gets progressively madder as the plot continues to go on.

The soundtrack continues to be an interesting mix of jazz and other styles of music with the occasional cut scene dedicated to a song that explains part of the story. I found this game continued the high levels enjoyment and strange humour of season one. In my opinion it is a great addition to the series and I have great enthusiasm for the third one in which the ending of Beyond time and space suggests will be an interesting one. The sixteenth chapter of Team X Paranormal Division is up at Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

It's so easy to see the galaxy in black and white. Gray? I don't know what to do with gray.

Garrus Vakarian

Mass Effect 2

Written by Falcon, Sunday 29 April 2012

The Muppets

Greetings, the Muppets film is the latest movie that originated from a long history and colourful of the television series which has expanded into several types of entertainment such as videogames since its birth. I used to watch the Muppets during my childhood and this is probably why the film works so well, it is a brilliant piece of nostalgia in my opinion. I believe the Muppets needed it after the straight to DVD and TV movies released which I have avoided due to the fact they didn’t make it to the cinema. They would have been of questionable quality, however this film brings it back to its rightful place.

The plot is relatively simple, the Muppets have been off the air for years and have all drifted apart. A new Muppet by the name of Walter who grew up with the television series and become obsessed with it eventually gets to go to see the old theatre when his brother Gary plans to take a visit to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Mary. When visiting the dilapidated site, Walter over hears a conversation in which oil Baron Tex Richman reveals his plans to demolish the buildings as there is oil underneath. Walter, Gary and Mary track down Kermit the Frog to tell him of the news, convincing him to round up the old cast. They are to put on one last show to raise enough money to repurchase the site and save it from destruction.

The film also has musical numbers which was written by Flight of the Concords star Bret McKenzie. This could possibly be the beginning of the return of the Muppets or if not at least they came back to create the best of their films in my belief. It is a whimsical comedy packed with celebrities and radiates a feeling of warmth that modern cinema often lacks. This is without doubt one of the greatest films I have seen and so it earns the  title of  Super Duper fantastic 100% the best award. The fifteenth chapter of Team X Paranormal Division is up at Warehouse 17.



Special effects=10/10


Cracking cheese, Gromit!


Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

Written by Falcon, Saturday 14 April 2012

Jurassic Park

Greetings, Jurassic Park is a well known novel that was written by Michael Crichton and a film trilogy that developed from it. The series has expanded into other media such as video games as well, but the book and the first movie differ a little in certain areas. An example is the cast of characters, in the movie a few individuals are left out of the plot or had their roles shortened, another noticeable factor is the fate of some of the people is different between the two. While the movie may not be completely true to the original storyline, it is still by far one of my favourite films of all time.

The plot is brilliantly thought out and explained which adds a vibe of realism to the experience, hence making it more enjoyable to read. In Costa Rica several reports of children’s injuries are recorded in local hospitals, the animal causing the new set of attacks has been unidentified.

Palaeontologists Dr Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler were invited to an island close to Costa Rica, in order to inspect the new park. Along with them is a mathematician named Malcolm, Nedry, the man responsible for setting up the software and a lawyer called Gennaro. Once on the island, it is revealed that it is a park created for genetically engineered dinosaurs. The game warden, Muldoon claims that the weapons he has been given are not effective enough to use in a real emergency if the security systems should ever fail.

The characters are nicely written and interact well with each other. Especially the relationship between Jurassic Park’s deluded creator John Hammond and Malcolm who attempted to prevent the park from being constructed. It is a good book that will take a while to get into but it is worth the slow build up and I would encourage you to read it. The fourteenth chapter of Team X Paranormal Division is up at Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

E.T. phone home


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Written by Falcon, Wednesday 4 April 2012