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Happy New Year, 2012 review

Greetings, just a small update wishing you a happy New Year. 2012 has been an interesting year with events such as the Olympics, something I thought we pulled off quite well, considering the difficult times. In terms of entertainment it has been a decent year with the return of Bond after the new grittier direction the series has moved towards, a fitting tribute to fifty years of 007 on the screen. Other big films include the Hobbit which I will be reviewing next year and the conclusion of Nolan’s trilogy with the Dark Knight Rises.

I don’t believe I have played any 2012 games bar Mass Effect three which I have strongly mixed feelings towards especially the ending. Next year will be an important year for EA and BioWare, I believe many fans will stop playing their games if Dragon Age three is not a success. I already have Walking Dead and intend to get Dishonoured at some stage. Next year blog updates will include reviews such as Fable 3 and Alpha Protocol. Anything you are eager to experience in the following year? I am looking forward to 2013 and what it will provide, hope it’s a good one. Happy New Year!

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I don't care where I fight. As long as I get to hurt someone.


Mass Effect 2

Written by Falcon, Monday 31 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Greetings, this is just a small update wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Usually I would have a special Christmas episode of the adventures of Fletch and Roman but as you already know it was completed earlier this year with forty issues and four specials. Despite this, I intend to keep writing stories for the winter Write Wise challenges, with Cogworld being the first entry that had aspects of the holiday within it.

Whether it will be a brand new or part of a series such as Edward Kanen as well as Guardian, there will be a tale involving Christmas. I’m looking forward to what the New Year will bring, the second annual and I will have plenty of new posts on this blog. Happy holidays!

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Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Roman and Fletch

The Adventures of Fletch and Roman Christmas Special 2011

Written by Falcon, Monday 24 December 2012


Greetings, Skyfall is the latest James Bond film and the third in which Daniel Craig portrays the iconic agent known as 007. For me it is definitely the best of the latest three and one of the strongest in the series so far. The new direction in which a grittier and darker Bond has taken resulted in two dodgy movies in my opinion, in order to get it right but it has finally paid off in a spectacular tribute to fifty years of the world’s most renowned factious spy.

The plot is relatively simply but a nicely told and captivating one nonetheless. While on a mission Bond and fellow agent Eve, are tracking down a stolen hard drive which contains the identities of undercover N.A.T.O insurgents. Eve accidently shoots 007 when he is chasing the hired thief in a physical struggle, causing James to fall off a bridge and presumed dead. When he returns to Britain out of shape and washed up, the MI6 building in London is attacked in a terrorist bombing with the attacker leaving a sinister message for M.

It is good to see that the James Bond films have notable and charismatic villains again. Skyfall’s Silva played by Javier Bardem, is similar to the mentally unstable Joker from Batman, particularly the Dark Knight film’s version.  While it is a great experience to watch, I feel some of the scenes could have been cut near the beginning as they didn’t seem that important in the greater plot, but that is only a minor criticism. There are various references to the earlier Bond movies which is a fitting tribute to 50 years of the global phenomenon that is 007.  I look forward to what the new Bond has to offer, which is not something I would have said a few years ago after Casino Royale.



Special effects=9/10


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I'm not a monster though I do sometimes work for monsters.

Simon Gruber

Die hard: With a Vengeance

Written by Falcon, Saturday 15 December 2012