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Dragon Age Origins

Greetings, Dragon Age: Origins is the start of another epic game series of Bioware. Other Bioware games I have reviewed include Jade Empire and all Mass Effect stories, which all deserved the reward of Super duper fantastic 100% the best reward, as does Dragon Age. They just bring their games to perfection with gripping storylines, difficult decisions, stunning graphics and creating interesting characters that the player cares for. This was evident in my first Bioware game, Jade Empire and has continued to exist in each game of theirs I have played since. The music also creates the atmosphere and weld it with the storyline brilliantly.

Dragon Age: Origin’s plot will differ slightly from each class and species the player chooses. I had chosen a Dalish elf warrior and named him Falc. My story began with Falc and his comrade Tamlen exploring an ancient cave, eventually discovering a tainted mirror. The mirror was touched by Tamlen and the interaction with it caused my character to fall unconscious as it released energy, he had woken up in camp having been rescued by a Grey Warden named Duncan. The mirror left Falc wounded with Darkspawn taint and Tamlen was missing so my character had lead a search to find him but returned with nothing. In order to survive the taint, Falc left with Duncan to try to become a Grey Warden.

 The Grey Wardens exist to prevent the Darkspawn from carrying out their instincts, they are twisted creatures who seek to find old Dragons and raise them to begin a Blight. A Blight is when the Darkspawn attack civilisations together as armies, therefore threatening every species existence. A dragon named the Archdemon was found and plans to conquer Ferelden , where the story is set. Falc manages to pass the trial to become a Grey Warden, who are limited in number. However attempts to wipe out large numbers of Darkspawn results in the battle of Ostagar, in which Duncan is killed as well as the current King due to the betrayal of an old hero called Loghain, who seeks Ferelden’s throne for himself.

Falc and another Grey Warden named Alistar begin to destroy the oncoming Blight , recruiting interesting company during the process. It is a brilliant game and is helped by the fact that the player can shape their character with the decisions they made, this is the same with my character Andrew in Jade Empire and Commander andy Shepard in Mass Effect. I look forward to the other games coming out in this series. The ninth episode of the adventures of Fletch and Roman are up in Warehouse 17.





I think we just broke about 50 Combine regulations! No eye contact with Combine soldiers; don't damage Combine property; don't kill the Combine representatives; have your papers out and available; no loud noises after 6 o'clock;...

Alyx Vance

Half life two episode one

Written by Falcon, Sunday 26 June 2011


Greetings, Serenity is a film set after the events of the Firefly series which I had reviewed a few blog updates ago. It follows the main string of plot form the series, in that a young doctor called Simon had rescued his sister, River, from the government who were experimenting on her. Simon smuggled her aboard the pirate ship named Serenity.  Eventually, the captain of the vessel, Mal Reynolds found out.

The film begins with the government Alliance sending an agent known as the Operative after the escaped prisoner and Fugitive. The crew of Serenity finish a job and report to their employers in a shady bar, when River who was rendered unstable by the government’s experiments follows them. In the bar she watches an advert which is actually a signal that had set off her built in fighting abilities. River takes out the members of the bar, revealing that she is actually a human weapon of the Alliance.

Mal manages to prevent her from killing the entire squad from Serenity and calms her, River witnesses flashbacks of a planet called Miranda. Reynolds tries to discover what is important about the planet, while being chased by the Operative and Alliance Forces. The planet is also surrounded by Reavers, barbarians who prey on civilised society at the edge of known space. I quite enjoyed this film and it was a better ending than the last episode of the series. The main characters were all in it and the plot was well thought out. The eighth chapter of the third series of the adventures of Fletch and Roman is up in Warehouse 17.



Plot= 9/10


Special effects=8/10


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I've been smokin' THE TRUTH, MAN!

Adrian Monk


Written by Falcon, Saturday 18 June 2011

Angels and Demons

Greetings, Angels and Demons is a novel by the author Dan Brown, who wrote the DaVinci code. I believe it is written before the events of the DaVinci code and follows the character Robert Langdon, an American Symbologist. It is a fairly complicated plot which starts off with the theft of a recent discovery of anti-matter. The anti-matter is a powerful force that can destroy a large area if it comes into contact with anything, particles of it were isolated and suspended in a device by two scientists at CERN. 

One of the scientists was killed during the action of stealing it, leaving the other which is his daughter in a difficult position. This is because the device which had captured the anti-matter can only hold it for several hours before its battery life dies causing the particles to fall into contact with the case. The scientist who was murdered was branded with an ancient symbol belonging to a group who were thought to have disappeared long ago.  The organisation named Iluminati contained scientist who had a long grudge against the Church over centuries due to being prosecuted by them.

Robert Langdon is called in to help discover the truth by the Director of CERN, Maximillian Kholer. Langdon and the dead scientist’s daughter, Vittoria are sent to Vatican City to uncover the Illuminati path to the anti-matter. To add to the situation, the Pope’s successor is being chosen and the four favourites have been kidnapped will inside the country. Langdon and Vittoria work with the head of the Swiss Guard and the Carmalengo, the Pope’s secretary, to find the anti-matter before time runs out. Overall this is a fast paced and enjoyable adventure, it is also a film if you are interested. I have read one of Brown’s books before named the Digital Fortress, which is also a good novel. The wording is quite easy to follow and an atmosphere of excitement.  The seventh episode of the third series of the adventures of Fletch and Roman is up in Warehouse 17.





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You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: Make sure when your shift is over, you go home alive.

Jim Malone

The Untouchables

Written by Falcon, Tuesday 7 June 2011