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Avengers Assemble

Greetings, Avengers assemble as it is called in the United Kingdom is a movie that has been suggested throughout several of the previous Marvel films including Iron Man. The story revolves around a few of the well known characters, most of whom had received their own films prior to this one but there are a couple who didn’t such as Hawkeye or the Black Widow.

Apparently the plot is linked to the Captain America story, which I have as of yet not seen. The defensive company S.H.E.I.L.D. under the direction of Nick Fury, attempt to create a team of individuals with unique powers or skills in order to protect earth against various forces of evil.


The need to form and unite the heroes into a group becomes more pressing when a power source known as the Tesseract opens up a portal in one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s bases allowing Loki to enter the planet and steal the resource. Loki is a super villain and adopted brother of the superhero Thor, stealing the Tesseract as part of a deal in exchange for an army.

It has a talented cast with likeable characters including Downey’s Iron Man or Hawkeye and has comedic elements throughout the film which suites the story quite well. The plot might not have been the greatest, neither did I know all the characters but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying the experience. Overall if you liked Marvel’s other films, chances are you will like this one as well. The eighteenth chapter of Team X Paranormal Division is up at Warehouse 17.



Special effects=8/10


Quote of the day

Did you just kill my new wife?

Dr John Watson

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Written by Falcon, Thursday 31 May 2012

Live and Let Die

Greetings, Live and Let Die is the second novel in the James Bond series and follows on from Casino Royale. 007 is sent from London by M to America in order defeat his latest enemy known as Mr Big and overthrow his operations. Like Casino Royale I felt that it was simply ok in terms of experience, it certainly didn’t make me want to continually keep reading to see how it would turn out. It is probably because of the fact that the agent eats and drinks for half the book instead of pursuing his target.

The plot isn’t the most thrilling as it is yet again similar to the original in that the villain is trying to fund the Soviets operations, though this time it is through 17th century treasure of a notorious pirate called Bloody Morgan. Mr Big runs his scheme through convincing his followers that he is the zombie of Baron Samedi, a figure in voodoo related to death. Bond and CIA agent as well as recurring character Leiter are tracked by Mr Big’s network of spies as they attempt to achieve their objectives


Overall I preferred the original novel but I am staring to see elements of the sinister villains that 007 encounters in the films and is often regarded for having. For instance Mr Big uses sharks to defend his island and has used them against the secret agent. While it wasn’t a great book, it wasn’t terrible either and so I plan to continue the series in the hope that it will improve as time goes on and the more recognisable rogues start to appear. The seventeenth chapter of Team X Paranormal Division is up at Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

I don't know how to work it. Computers in Hell all run Linux


Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space

Written by Falcon, Thursday 10 May 2012