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The Quiz Part 4

Greetings, the Quiz returns for the fourth time. As always it is based on the previous three with a total of ten questions based mostly on games, television and movies as well as other categories. I imagine the questions are trickier since the last time. If you feel like it, give it a shot and see how you cope. Hope you enjoy it as I aim to make the quiz an annual event for my blog, hopefully being around the month of November.

1. In Portal, what do the initials of GLaDOS mean?

2. Who said this? - “You don't fear death. You welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.”

3. What did the initials of the USSR stand for?

4. The film Happy Gilmore focuses on what sport?

5. Dr Zoidberg is a character from what television series?

6. How many actors played Bond in the official films?

7. What is the name of this character?


8. Who is the main character in the Mass Effect series?

9. What is the name of the show about stranded survivors on an island who survived a plane crash with one of the main actors being Terry O’Quinn?

10. Who played the villain Hans Gruber from Die Hard?









1. Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System

2. Bane

3. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

4. Golf

5. Futurama

6. 7

7. Frodo

8. Commander Shepard


10. Alan Rickman

Quote of the day

Are you saying I am a resentful person? I really resent that!


Red Dwarf


Written by Falcon, Monday 26 November 2012

The End of FRA and Warehouse 17.

Greetings, the Adventures of Fletch and Roman comes to a conclusion with this last instalment after 5 years as well as 4 series of the duo and the supporting characters. This is an important milestone for me and my blog for a few reasons. Not only is it the end of these 40 insane episodes but it is also the final entry to be posted in Warehouse 17, which has held the vast majority of my books since the early stages of my involvement in the community. I like to believe, although it may not be the case, that FRA, the Lutionn Collection and Warehouse 17 are partially reason that Write Wise exists or it functioned as a predecessor to the challenges.

Certainly back in November 2008 I posted a badly written blog update to establish a book club similar to Write Wise in which FRA first appeared. You might not agree, but I am also under the impression that my style has improved in all aspects of the blog and that my continued drive in writing all these stories has been the cause of that. Finally, my experiences with these earlier novels have given me the opportunity to look forward to the future with new projects I am excited about including the Edward Kanen series as well as Guardian.


I hope you have enjoyed reading all of the episodes as I have certainly enjoyed writing them throughout these past years and it will feel as if I a missing something when I post the next updates. I do intend to upload all my previous work to Write Wise in due time as well as create covers for them. For the final time I will be announcing the last instalment in Warehouse 17. It will be strange ending an update without saying it. The tenth episode of the fourth series of the Adventures of Fletch and Roman is up at Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

Cactus party!


The Adventures of Fletch and Roman

Written by Falcon, Tuesday 20 November 2012