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Happy New Year, 2010 review

Greetings and a happy new year, this is the last update of Falcon’s blog for 2010. Quite a lot has happened this year when you think back over the course of it, BP having problems with oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the rise of the new government which is having problems already and the ash cloud that prevented airlines from functioning properly. That’s just a few headlines that grabbed my attention. 

2010 has brought about great entertainment, for instance in gaming Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 and in films with Toy Story 3, Inception and RED. 2011 promises to keep up with the entertainment 2010 has brought and with that I welcome 2011. Happy New Year everyone! The seventh chapter of the Invisible agents is up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free! If you ask me, everybody in this theater is a giant sucker...


The Simpsons movie


Written by Falcon, Friday 31 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Greetings, once again Christmas is almost here and as such the Adventures of Fletch and Roman 2010 Christmas special is up. To our new blogger Andrew, you probably shouldn’t read it as there has already been two series of FRA and two Christmas specials which have set up the relationships between characters and their personalities. That also includes the serious books of the Lutionn Collection which are all interlinked and would take quite a long time to catch up on. The seventh Chapter of the Invisible Agents is not up at Warehouse 17 but should be in the next blog update. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone!

The adventures of Fletch and Roman Christmas special 2010

Narrator: Hello, Christmas time again, white winters, warm fires and a joyful, merry time. I think it’s time to ruin it with another Fletch and Roman Christmas special. Merry Christmas!

Roman: Hello, it’s that time of year where people’s hard earned classic stories are tarnished by parodies that aren’t even slightly humorous. This time it’s Fletches time to tell the story…isn’t that right Fletch. 

Fletch: Happy Fletcherey everyone.

Roman: Happy…What?! 

Fletch: It’s a new festive holiday I’ve invented. People send cards, buy decorations and gifts with my image on them. Here’s the kicker, for every item with my image on it they have to pay me due to copyright laws.

Roman: ehh… this is one idea that goes down in your list of plans that goes down with selling televisions to the Amish, selling sand to the Arabs and snow to the Eskimos.

Fletch: That Eskimos plan would have worked if I had called them Inuit…or maybe it was the fact I asked for a piece of their igloos for my ice cubes for my soft drink. 

Roman: Perhaps you should tell the story now.

Fletch: Alright, this story is about a busy man who is about to send his presents when he realizes that due to a fault with the postman one present hasn’t arrived.

Roman: Wasn’t my story about a problem with the mail service?

Fletch:…Ehh…shush… you're ruining my plot. 

(Into story)

Messenger:…Nintendo Vice President, check, Dr. Granso, check and finally Cell Mate…Where is his present? It should have arrived ages ago. I’ll go talk to our local postman.

After finding the local postman.

Messenger: Gobb the postman? Seriously, they let a screw up like him into an important job at the most important time of year. These truly are weird times.

Gobb: Heh! I have feelings, anyway it’s only a part time job. My other occupation doesn’t as a Hobo seem to be going very well, I keep telling passers buy I don’t need their charity in rage and they don’t give anything. I need to work in two jobs I’m building up a nice CV for my new job, although with the amount on it they might realize I really can’t do my job. 

Messenger: Great, now I have to find my present. I guess I’ll have to buy the services of a bounty hunter to help.

Messenger searches and finds Gerven Hood staring at a snowman with Gobb following behind due to guilt.

Messenger: Hood, I require you services to find my present to Cell Mate which Gobb has lost.

Gerven Hood: Two seconds, I’m having a staring competition with this fellow. He’s about to blink…

Messenger: Ehh… You know that’s a snowman right?

Gerven Hood: So…I’m about to win.

The band, The Swinging Apocalyptics play the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Messenger: That’s really not helping guys. I guess I’ll look for it myself.

The Messenger and Gobb walk off before the snowman falls on Gerven Hood.

Gerven Hood: Cheater! Get off me you cheater!

Messenger notices Gobb’s previous tennis racket foot shapes in the snow.

Messenger: We could be getting close… look, you are the only one fashion less enough to wear tennis rackets on your feet and have been here before, although it doesn’t necessarily mean this is the way to the present.

Gobb: Hey, they help me walk in the snow and I’m a trend setter I’ll have you know I made the Piano tie fashionable. Nobody did really take to the trousers made out of a piano though. 

Messenger and Gobb reach Renno’s house.

Messenger: Greetings, Renno you haven’t seen Gobb delivering a parcel addressed to my house have you?

Renno: Yes I do recall that, I believe Gobb mentioned that he was heading to the Troll’s house to send it. I couldn’t intervene as he took off before I could say anything.

Gobb: Well noticed, I didn’t know you were such a detective.

Renno: I have been reading a lot of murder stories recently including Sherlock Homes, I can now commit the perfect murder and no one would notice.

Renno’s Wife shouting: Renno, fix the Christmas tree, it’s at a slight angle.

Renno’s left eye twitches: Coming dearest!

Messenger and Gobb leave and reach the Troll’s house.

Troll: Ohh good Messenger you’re here, did you get your post that was delivered here by mistake.

Messenger: What? Gobb do you have it on you?

Gobb checks: No, …ohh… I may have forgot to tell you I delivered it when you weren’t around. I guess I can do my job after all.

Messenger: Are you telling me, that you delivered it when I was looking for you and that this was a waste of time.

Gobb: Ohh… please don’t talk to Renno about murder will you?

Messenger: It’s too close to Christmas for that kind of thing, I guess I’ll just take my anger out by throwing snowballs at you.

Gobb runs while Messenger throws snowballs at him.

(Out of story)

Roman: That was different. Doesn’t exactly show the feeling of the season does it?

Fletch: It does of Fletcherey but it’s too close to Christmas to release rage and anger.

Roman and Fletch: Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year!

Quote of the day

What in the name of Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret were you thinking?

Dr Cox


Written by Falcon, Friday 24 December 2010

Dead to rights

Greetings, Dead to rights is a game from 2002 which was produced by Namco. It is set in the corrupt city of Grant city and follows the complex story of a rogue cop, Jack Slate and his vicious dog, Shadow. The plot begins with the murder of Jack's father, Frank who was also a cop. Seeking revenge, Slate hunts down his father's only advisory, while breaking into his enemies’ facility he finds that Frank's nemesis is tied up in a chair with a bullet through the brain. Before Jack can react an assassin called Patch knocked Slate unconscious wounding him with a bullet, when Jack is awakened he finds himself framed and arrested for the murder of Frank's enemy. Jack is taken to prison to be executed with the electric chair, so he has to escape prison, find Patch and discover who ordered the murder of his father and why.

The story is more complicated than I had originally perceived, I think this is a great game as you never suspected the betrayals or who to trust. The game play is similar to that of the Matrix in which time slows down when Jack jumps and shoots at once. Slate's trust companion Shadow can also be used to kill enemies and retrieve their weapons, the environment can be used to defeat the enemies for example throwing a fire extinguisher and exploding it with Jack's weapons. I really enjoyed the game and it was well worth the money, I believe that the second game will be just as a fun an experience as the first one. The sixth chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.






Quote of the day

Kimble, if you were any stiffer, we could take you surfing.

Phoebe O' Hara

Kindergarten Cop

Written by Falcon, Saturday 18 December 2010

RED, the 100th Blog entry

Greetings, RED is a recent film with a few stars such as Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. It is an action comedy about several ex-agents from organizations such as the CIA and MI6, they are under the title of Retired and Extremely Dangerous, hence the name of the film. Bruce has the lead role as Frank who due to being tracked by the CIA finds himself in danger with his potential girlfriend Sarah. Frank has to force Sarah to come with him after he was attacked in his house by a team of agents, sent with the orders to kill him. Along the way to find out who is controlling the CIA and why people want to kill him, Bruce's character discovers a list with the names of deceased agents including his own name. How this happens I'm not completely certain, I didn't understand all the storyline but still enjoyed it none the less. A young agent called Cooper is sent to kill Frank and keeps close behind as Willis pulls together a team of old agents and friends. It consists of a mad character called Marvin, Morgan freeman's character Joe and Helen Mirren's Victoria. This is one of the funniest films about this year, which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I would recommend you to see it even though I didn't quite follow the storyline, it makes up for it in comedy and action scenes. It's also time to celebrate as Falcon's blog is on it's 100th blog update, quite a lot of topics have been covered when I think back to the first blog update with the pictures of Wall-e and Batman the Dark Knight. So with 100 updates and 99 quotes, I'll keep enjoying myself by typing more. The fifth chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.



Special effects=8/10


Quote of the day

Noooo, it's because I'm a PROP! You always cast me as a broom, a pole, a stick! A splinter!


A Bug's Life

Written by Falcon, Friday 10 December 2010

Star Wars Leagacy of the Force Bloodlines

Greetings, Legacy of the force is a series of novels from the expansion of the Star Wars universe that is written by a number of writers. Bloodlines is the second book and is written by Karen Traviss, who wrote the Star Wars Republic Commando books. The plot centers decades after the collapse of the Empire and around roughly four different strands of storyline that role into one. Some of the original characters are in it such as Luke, Leia, Han and others but it focuses on their children mainly. Han Solo's cousin Thracken, who is the president of the world Corellia has some previous grudges against Han and puts a bounty on his head, Solo is made even more unpopular by the world Correlia of which is his homeland and Coursant, the head of the Galactic Alliance are on the verge of war due to a conflict over the right to arm themselves.

Meanwhile a seventy one year old Boba Fett is looking for redemption due to his body failing. In his race to save himself he tries to find the cure for clones such as Boba and fix his relationship with his fifty year old daughter which he left when she was two years old. Han Solo's So, Jacen is turning to the Dark side like his grandfather, Ankian Skywalker or his Sith identity Darth Vader due to a secret relationship he has with his wife and daughter. Luke is concerned for his son Ben, who is being mentored by Jacen and fears that Ben could be turned to the Dark also. This novel was very like the style of Traviss' others and so therefore a good book. It is also interesting to see how things are going after the films. The fourth chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.



plot= 8/10




Quote of the day

With mogwai comes much responsibility.

Mr Wing



Written by Falcon, Wednesday 01 December 2010