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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Greetings, Red Faction: Guerrilla is the third instalment of the Red Faction series.  It should be noted I have never played the originals, so was therefore new to the plot and some of the mentioned characters.  The previous games aren’t really needed to understand the rather thin plot and I believe the current individuals where only introduced in Guerrilla. I felt that the entire point of its existence wasn’t actually based on these factors but on the destructible environment, which is quite fun. It is also difficult, especially during the later missions.

The story line was rather simple in that Mars has been colonised by humanity but is also occupied by the Earth Defence Force, EDF for short. The organisation is corrupt, killing anyone suspected of being in league with the guerrilla terrorist group, Red Faction, whose purpose is to liberate Mar’s six sectors from the EDF.  Alec Mason is the lead character who joins the Red Faction when his brother, Dan, is killed for actually being a member.  There is more plot than this but not much more, having only several important characters.

The better parts of the game come from the actual game play action, which is normally over the top, having to take out large numbers of enemies. To liberate a Sector Alec must increase ally morale and destroy the EDF structures to decline their strangle hold. The vehicles are also an important section as they are needed to transport the player to different locations, unless an upgrade is bought, and often using weapons to take out EDF soldiers as well as supplies. To receive upgrades, the player must obtain salvage which can be found in destroying the environment or playing through some very repetitive side missions.

If you are looking for a game that is mainly involved around massive destruction and want some fun, then this would keep you entertained. The third chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is in Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

Sergeant Butterman, the little hand says it's time to rock and roll.

Nicholas Angel

Hot Fuzz

Written by Falcon, Wednesday 27 July 2011

Unforgotten Rivalry ch 2

Greetings, the second chapter of Lutionn’s latest, Unforgotten Rivalry is up. I hope you are and continue to enjoy it. In other news, the Yogscast is entertainment from the internet and is mainly known for its let’s play of Minecraft. It is run by two individuals known as Simon and Lewis who take on the roles of Xephos and Honeydew during their show called the Shadow of Israphel. The first series mainly focused on how to survive in Minecraft but in latter episodes plot began to emerge as other characters where introduced. It is quite funny and you might like it once you get into the story. They do other let’s plays in different games alongside another member Hannah, as well as voicing their opinions on video game adverts.  The second chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

It's not about what I want, it's about what's fair! You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time! You were wrong! The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Fair. His son's got the same chance she had - fifty-fifty.


The Dark Knight

Written by Falcon, Wednesday 20 July 2011

Unforgotten Rivalry

Greetings, Lutionn returns in the fifth novel, Unforgotten Rivalry. The plot of this story was mostly explored through the forth book, the Invisible Agents and the majority of characters where introduced in the previous novels as well. It expands on certain individual’s backgrounds that have been only mentioned slightly. It is mainly situated in one specific location due to the emergence of the villains beforehand, why it is like this will be explained in the book. I hope you enjoy it. The first chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

Sometimes I pick up too much fabric and it ends up all puckered and the entire garment hangs wrong afterward. And you're... you know, grandmotherly. Grandmothers do that sort of thing, don't they? Darning socks and whatnot. You don't want me to have to fight darkspawn in a shirt with a hole, do you? It might get bigger. I might catch cold.


Dragon Age: Origins


Written by Falcon, Wednesday 13 July 2011

FRA and Akinator

Greetings, the adventures of Fletch and Roman series three ends with this update. I have enjoyed writing the mad plot so far over all the episodes. The ridiculous duo, as well as other characters will be back for another insane series. I hope you have enjoyed it too. 

I would also like to talk about Akinator, the existence of which I have known about for quite a while but have recently started playing it again. I’m sure you have already heard about him. Akinator will ask you questions about a character or person in fiction and non-fiction, who the player will have thought of. Through the answers provided it will guess who this individual is, most of the time it will uncover who the player was thinking of but it has missed several of my characters. If you haven’t tried it I would encourage you to give it a go. The tenth episode of the adventures of Fletch and Roman series three are up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

All the world’s a stage, I seemed to have missed the rehearsal. 



Written by Falcon, Monday 4 July 2011