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The Invisible Agents chapter 19

Greetings, the 19th chapter of the Invisble Agents is the last, and it marks the halfway point of the Lutionn collection. It is the fourth novel in the series. I hope you've enjoyed it as I have certainly enjoyed writing it. Most of the main characters for the remaining books have already been in a previous plot or mentioned, whether they played a small role or a large one. The characters will be in the next novels and continue to improve the stories that are coming. I would like to thank you for reading this book. The nineteenth chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.

Quote of the day

It astonishes me that Mr. LaBoeuf has been shot, trampled, and nearly bitten his tongue off, and yet not only does he continue to talk but he spills the banks of English.

Rooster Cogburn

True Grit


Written by Falcon, Thursday 31 March 2011


Greetings, as you may know Paul is the third and latest film from the two comedians Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. While it is not as good as Shaun of the dead or Hot Fuzz it is still pretty enjoyable to watch. It definitely has a lot of references to sci-fi, which includes Star Wars. The story follows two nerds Simon as Graeme and Nick as Clive who spend their holiday touring the hotspots of alien activity around America. While travelling at dark, their attention is drawn to the side of the road where the alien, Paul comes out of the dark.  

Paul who is voiced by Seth Rogen, causes Clive to faint and convinces a scared Graeme to let him drive the alien to his destination. As the journey continues, it becomes apparent Paul is trying to return to the mother ship and return home due to the fact he broke out of a government base. They have to get to their destination before they are found by the government under the orders of the Big Guy. I felt it was a little long but it was still funny and worthwhile to watch .I would encourage you to see it if you are into sci-fi. The eighteenth chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in warehouse 17.


Characters= 8/10

Special effects=8/10


Quote of the day

If I am King, where is my power? Can I declare war? Form a government? Levy a tax? No! And yet I am the seat of all authority because they think that when I speak, I speak for them. But I can't speak.

King George the sixth

The King's speech.

Written by Falcon, Sunday 27 March 2011

Who would you choose?

Greetings, as I have been reviewing mainly video games and movies recently I thought I should try and mix it up with a question. It is, apart from the main character in any game, who would you want to have their own adventure or you would like to play their side of the story in the original game? For example controlling Barney during the events in half life 2.  I would like Boba Fett as he is already well established, has been in several games in which you could play as him but wasn’t the main character. He has quite a lot of background to him which means plenty of stories that could be put into a game. You can give a response if you want. The seventeenth chapter of the Invisible agents is up in Warehouse 17.

 Quote of the day

Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.


Small Soldiers

Written by Falcon, Saturday 19 March 2011

Enslaved Odyssey to the west

Greetings, today I am reviewing the recent game Enslaved Odyssey to the west. It revolves around three main characters, one of which plays an important role but comes in half way through the story. It starts off in the future when the world is decaying and returning back to the way it was before humans built on it, during this time Mechs have been programmed by an organisation called Pyramid to capture humans. Once people are caught by the slavers headbands are placed on their heads, making them enslaved. In a slave ship, a young woman with a high skill with technology named Trip escapes from her pod causing havoc as when she does, Monkey, the main character is also aboard the self destructing ship. Monkey eventually breaks free following Trip’s path, only to find that they are both running for escape pods which are leaving at a quick rate. 

After a few minutes Trip ends up in the last escape pod with Monkey hanging on the outside, managing to avoid crashing with the slave ship. Monkey due to the fact he was on the outside of the pod was knocked out of consciousness, he woke up to find enslaved with a headband attached to himself in a ruined New York. Trip explains to a furious Monkey that she had put it on his so he could help her return to her settlement, if he doesn’t do as she says or if she dies Monkey will also become deceased. Reluctantly at first, Monkey aids her on her adventure through the dangerous land. This is a brilliant game with complex characters, excellent graphics and an interesting plot. I would encourage people to play it, the ending makes the player wonder about the whole story line, giving it a different spin on it. The sixteenth chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.


Plot= 9/10




Quote of the day

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

V for Vendetta 

Written by Falcon, Friday 11 March 2011