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Red Steel 2

Greetings, Red Steel 2 is the sequel of the first game I reviewed on this blog. The two plots are different, as well as the characters meaning the name is about the only thing that connects them. While the characters and story isn't the best, it is a relatively fun game to play but it did have a few issues with bugs. The story revolves around a small village called Caldera which is attacked by a gang called the Jackals, who receive orders from their leader, Payne. The main character is a mix between a Cowboy and a Samaria , known only as the Hero. Along with allies such as Tamiko, he defeats the Jackals and their leader to uncover the true source of the threat. A individual named Shinjiro, who has been ordering the killing of the Heroes' clan, the graphics are done in the style of a cartoon giving it a new appearance to the Red Steel series. Overall, it's a good enough game to play and is worth a shot if you haven't got any games to play. The third chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.





Special effects=8/10


Quote of the day

Number 5... is alive!

Johnny  5

Short Circuit



Written by Falcon, Sunday 21 November 2010

The Invisisble Agents ch 2

Greetings, the next chapter of my latest book Invisible Agents is now up. This book introduces most of the characters for the next novels, and with the characters some background to enhance their story. The Lutionn collection is quite big and will probably confuse due to the amount of characters and plots. Hopefully with time, the characters will become more clear and their stories easy to follow. The second chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.

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Oh, I know exactly what you're trying to do. But you will not ruin my Christmas. Not again. Not this year.

The Janitor



Written by Falcon, Monday 15 November 2010

The Invisible Agents


Greetings, before I get involved in talking about my new book I would like to thank Mark for the new banner. It is time I introduced the fourth book in the Lutionn collection. It is called Invisible agents and does set up the majority of characters in the collection of books while continuing on with previous heroes and villains. By the first three books, especially the second and third, it is apparent that these events are not intended to be taken too seriously in terms of plausibility. This should justify Lutionn's new style of villains and it will be explained near the end of the novel, how they are as they appear. This book takes, roughly a year after the events of Shepard. I hope you enjoy it.

Ohh and bit of a mistake I made in Chief Constable Johnson's story, while writing Shepard I had said that Johnston had earned the title Chief Constable during the Great Disease when his mentor Joseph G Turner had died. Turner's true identity is the Ulisiptien Klintan, seeing as Johnston is fifty in the first book and I had described he was thirty when he received his high position, I had to give him the title while Joseph was alive in order to keep the his age right. So in the third book which is set in 2004, he has the title before those events, I couldn't let him be thirty in 2004 and fifty in 2009. That's quite hard to explain and probably doesn't make sense to you but little details are important in stories. The first chapter of the Invisible Agents is up in Warehouse 17.

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All the time you spend trying to get back what's been took from you, more is going out the door.


No Country for Old Men



Written by Falcon, Monday 08 November 2010

The War for Humankind ch 15

Greetings, the 15th chapter of the War for Humankind is the last chapter, this is the third book in the Lutionn collection. These characters will be back for the oncoming books, continuously adding more plot and expanding on people of Lutionn. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book as well as the previous ones and would like to thank you for reading it. Hopefully the next novel will be as fun as this one. The 15th Chapter of the War for Humankind is up in Warehouse 17.

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Gasp! My God, you're right, Marge! You kids wouldn't put me in a home like I did to my dad, would you?


The Simpsons


Written by Falcon, Monday 01 November 2010