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The last of the Untouchbales

Greetings, the last of the Untouchables is written by Oscar Fraley and Paul Robsky. It follows the true story of the team that tackled Capone syndicate during the Prohibition era in Chicago and who came to be known as the Untouchables. The story begins in 1929, shadowing mainly one member of the group, Paul Robsky and to a lesser extent his colleague, Joe Leeson. The other members of the team are also mentioned during the novel but their roles aren’t emphasised very much. 

It is a short book but one I really enjoyed. At the start I wasn’t sure if I would like it but when Paul joins the Prohibition department and starts shutting down breweries, the novel becomes much more entertaining.  I find it interesting that the majority of the team refused to take bribes or respond to threats by the Mafia, and the fact that many of them stuck to their moral codes, earning the title the Untouchables.  Particularly as Capone had a lot of influence through bribery and violence, meaning very few have the courage to stand up for themselves.

The 1987 film the Untouchables has very little in connection with the events that actually occurred as revealed by the novel. For instance, the heroes are a team made up of about eleven men and there are only four in the movie, based on the real individuals. However the general story remains the same, particularly the ending. Overall I would encourage you to read this if you are into the Mafia genre or are interested in this period of history. The thirteenth chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17. 

Plot= 8/10




Quote of the day

I don't blend in at a family picnic. 


Batman Forever

Written by Falcon, Saturday 29 October 2011

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening

Greetings, Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening is the expansion pack to another classic from Bioware, Dragon Age game. It follows the events, as well as the player’s previous choices from the original game, and it gives the player the opportunity to continue the hero’s storyline or start a new one from a different land. I chose to fight as my first character, Falc, who has since defeating the Blight and the Archdemon alongside his team, managed to become the Commander of the Grey Warden’s.  

 Despite victory, the villains known as Darkspawn split into two large war bands and still remain a large threat to the citizens of Ferelden. At the start of the game, Falc and a young recruit find the headquarters of the Grey Warden under attack by the Darkspawn. Upon fighting their way to the top of the fort, while encountering some new and old friends, the Grey Warden Commander comes across an enemy that can speak. This is distressing as none of the Darkspawn have seemed able to speak beforehand and creates a new, strange twist to the plot. 

As always Bioware has created great characters and locations, if fewer of them, but also brought back some of the old comrades. However it should be noted that there is a lot less time to understand and like the characters as the game is considerably shorter than the predecessor. Despite this they are still fantastic allies who develop with the main character’s influence, during the plot. There are also a number of Key decisions to make which could have brilliant or disastrous consequences, which adds to the thrill or fear factor, in which makes it a brilliant game. It has more than earned the title of Super Duper 100% the best and I encourage you, to buy it. The twelfth chapter of the Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

Now Fry, it's been a few years since medical school, so remind me. Disemboweling in your species: fatal or non-fatal?

Dr. Zoidberg 


Written by Falcon, Sunday 16 October 2011

Star Wars Imperial Commando 501st

Greetings, Imperial Commando 501st is the last novel in the Republic Commando series that was written by Karen Traviss and was inspired by the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando. I have reviewed the previous four beforehand, with the first adventure, Hard Contact being the original book to have been reviewed on my blog. 501st is the fifth novel which leaves a few untied ends due to the sixth one being cancelled over a possible sequel to the video game.

It has a large cast of interesting characters, most of whom are clones of the infamous bounty hunter, Jango Fett. This plot is set after the Clone Wars and Order 66 which initiated the Great Purge of the Jedi. It follows the story of various clones who deserted from the army and others that are not clones but become family or close friends throughout the events of the novels. The other side shadows two clones soldiers, employed under the Galactic Empire called Niner and Darman who are related to the deserters but decided to stay in the armed forces, partially due to the fact that Niner was severally injured before they could be evacuated to a safe zone.



A large part of the series is dedicated to the idea that the clone’s genes were accelerated to become of the age to be perfect soldiers as quickly as possible. This mean s that they will age faster than a normal individual, hence the clan who deserted, especially their adopted father Kal Skarita who had trained them, hunt down a genetic solution to prevent the rapid ageing.  To make matters worse, some members of the family have become bounties form the Empire, that is situated in the remote planet of Mandalore in which they are hiding in. It is also revealed that the Emperor has a deadly virus which can wipe out all life on a single planet, making survival complex for those fighting against him.

Niner recovers from his incident and is back with Darman hunting down any of the remaining Jedi who escaped Order 66.  These are only some of the main threads that exist throughout the complicated novels with much more factors in it. It plays mainly on survival, the bonds of family and coping with the loss of important people. I certainly enjoyed the series but it would not be suitable for everyone as the reader would already need to know important areas in the Star Wars universe and it could be quite slow at times. All in all, I really enjoyed it and would have liked to have seen how the fate of an individual at the end of the video game, who’s ultimate destiny is unknown, as well as how it was going to finish properly.  The eleventh chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

God save the Queen!


Team Fortress 2

Written by Falcon, Wednesday 5 October 2011