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Ben there, Dan that!

Greetings, Ben there, Dan that! is a point and click puzzle adventure by a company that was called Zombie Cow studios at the time. The player takes control of the character Ben in order to use objects to advance through the levels, which can be difficult at times, especially later on. His comrade Ben offers his services of flipping light switches and providing humour, although at the expense of being capable of doing much else. The game is in the style of a cartoon and often acts as such in its humour.

The plot is quite strange to say the least, the start of the proper story starts with Ben and Dan attempting to fix their television with a coat hanger as an antenna. They are teleported to an alien ship when hit by a lightning bolt, hence the two have to find the way home through various dimensions using certain materials to solve problems to progress. While they are stuck in the space ship, aliens come to London and news of their arrival spreads throughout the world. Through certain scenes it is revealed they are behind the transportation of Ben and Dan in order to complete their plan which is revealed near the end.

This game is quite fun and original with many strange areas to explore. The characters are interesting and sometimes their aid or downfall is necessary to accomplish the mission. It has a sequel named Time Gentlemen, Please, which I am looking forward to. I would encourage anyone to buy this if they were looking for a puzzle game. The tenth chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

My dear Frodo, Hobbits really are amazing creatures. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month and yet, after a hundred years, they can still surprise you.

Gandalf the Grey

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Written by Falcon, Sunday 25 September 2011

Little Big Man

Greetings, Little Big Man is a film made in 1970 with Dustin Hoffman and earns the reward Super duper fantastic 100% the best. It is set in the Wild West, centring around the main character Jack Crabb, who develops throughout the plot with his many experiences and stages of life.  The movie has many themes running through it including comedic and tragic scenes which together make it a highly enjoyable experience. Dustin Hoffman acts excellently during the film, capturing Jack’s personality completely.

The storyline begins with Jack and his sister at a young age being the only survivors of an Indian attack on their convoy, they are found by a passing tribesman who brings them to his camp. During the night Crabb’s sister manages to escape leaving the main individual by himself but it is soon revealed that tribe members do not intend to hurt the young boy and so Jack spends several years in their presence. At one point he is fighting the Americans as an Indian but is eventually captured and revealed to be white. Hence he is brought back into the civilised world and begins a new life, meeting interesting characters who continue to reappear though the plot.

One of the aspects I like about the film is that not all the Indians are seen as villains like the majority of Western entertainment but are viewed rather positively. On the other hand the Americans are portrayed as sinisterly motivated and without remorse. This is definitely a movie to keep an eye out for. The ninth chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.



Special effects= 10/10


Quote of the day

Do you have any...complimentary fresh garlic?


Sam and Max: Season one

Written by Falcon, Tuesday 13 September 2011

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Greetings, Mafia: The city of Lost Heaven is a third person shooter game which begins in 1933, about the syndicates who illegal controlled parts of society through different methods.  The storyline begins with a taxi driver who is down on his luck called Tommy Angelo being unfortunately caught up in the middle of a fight between to two families. The player will experience the game through the taxi drivers’ point of view. Two members who are later revealed to be named Sam and Paulie force Tommy at gunpoint to drive them away from the fight, therefore lose their attackers.

Once the rivals are left behind, the two mobsters in their gratitude tell Angelo to receive a reward at Salieri’s bar the next day. He agrees to meet the Don the following day, due to his performance in the getaway and he is offered a position within the family. With the thought of riches beyond his dreams he accepts and becomes a member of the organisation. One of the most interesting aspects about the game is Tommy’s struggle against the life of the mobsters, his emotions become increasingly emphasised throughout the game. This makes him one of the most human characters in the story line because he makes mistakes and realises that the lifestyle is wrong.  

The controls are a little difficult to handle at the start but it becomes more fluid and easy going eventually, it is a reasonably long game so there is plenty of time to get used to it. It is heavily based around transporting from one place to another and has some old music to add to the atmosphere while driving. Graphics are dated now but were probably a high standard in their day. Overall this is definitely a game to buy, with an interesting setting as well as, a group of entertaining characters.  The eighth chapter of Unforgotten Rivalry is up in Warehouse 17.





Quote of the day

It's an ambigram. It's the same image forward and backward. Now, that's common for a symbol like Yin and Yang or the swastika, but that's a word. That Illuminati ambigramatic symbol has been considered a myth for 400 years. Supposedly, in the 16th Century, some artist created it as a tribute to Galileo's love of symmetry. It was only going to be revealed when the Illuminati had amassed enough power to resurface and carry out their final goal.

Robert Langdon

Angels and Demons

Written by Falcon, Saturday 3 September 2011